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Today you will make memories...or regrets

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A year from now you will look back on today with fond memories or sad regrets.

How memorable will today be if you spend it fighting on Facebook over candidates for President?

Or looking at photos of your date from senior prom…that was 10 or 20 years ago?

How memorable will it be if you take your child to a movie (during his short visit home before he leaves for Europe as mine is soon)?

How memorable will it be if you create a new 

  • blog post or
  • podcast or
  • email blast or
  • printed newsletter

…that inspires a reader or listener to contact you…

…and they become a client…

…who experiences massive results after working with you…

…and they give you a glowing testimonial, countless referrals, and repeat purchases...

…andyou end up becoming close friends…

…and even partner on ventures in the future…

…all because you created a message and put it out into the world? 

We have 99 days until the Presidential election. I won't change my mind on the candidate that will get my vote from an Instagram meme or a Facebook debate.

So let's go build something and tell the world how great it is and then help our clients tell the world how great we are and then we can help our clients tell the world how great they are and you know what just might happen...

…the world just might become the great place we envisioned it to be, which means we can stop debating on Facebook.

Wouldn't that be swell?

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