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How To Save Money and Make More Time

How To Close The Sale

Yesterday (first written in 2017) I was at my client's office in Scottsdale to help her with both her Infusionsoft platform, which helps her automate her sales and marketing, as well as mapping out her other entrepreneurial ventures when she had to take a call from another attorney.

I didn't know who it was but I could tell the other attorney was not a friend.

Then I heard her say

I need three weeks and a check or we're going to court."


I won't bore you with the details of their working relationship, but within five minutes she got an email from him authorizing the three-week extension and confirming a check was being cut.

Sometimes—most of the time—the direct path is best.

Stop mincing words.
Stop messing around with technology.
Stop worrying about SEO and PPC and CTR and KPI.
Stop pondering what to say and

  • Just send an email with an offer, or
  • Pick up the phone and ask to meet, or
  • Ask for the sale, or
  • Attend the trade show with no business cards and seek out the key prospect who's been blowing you off and go introduce yourself.

Stop working for the manipulative client who is stringing you along and slow-paying you every time you issue an invoice and tell them you are done until payment is made and that you will stop forever if they're late again.

You're worth more.

You're worthy of respect.

You should be paid on time and you should be paid more than you're charging.

Last week I wrote about Alycia who raised her prices 2x to 10x in the last month and her clients are now taking action. If you think that's crazy, you could benefit from a little private sales coaching.

But you should take action quickly...before I also raise my prices 2x to 10x. 

Market like you mean it.
Now go sell something.

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