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Tim Rohrer Shares 'Sales Lessons of the World's Greatest Mentor'

Tim Rohrer



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • People still buy from people they know, like, and trust
  • Runs a remote salesforce now that works from home
  • Zoom, emails, video
  • Before COVID, they had a mandate to travel the country and meet the dealers face-to-face
  • Before COVID, their prospects were not open to using technology to meet with salespeople, but they had to embrace it to speak to their customers but keep their doors closed.

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  • Dealers are having to get creative to find used inventory.
  • Used car prices are high and will probably remain high.
  • MSRP used to be just a suggestion.
  • Toyota is really in demand.
  • The car industry is in tremendous flux.
  • Ford and others are trying to sell straight to the consumer instead of dealerships.
  • "The most important thing for a sales leader is to drive sales behaviors."
  • You'll be given targets you may or may not be able to hit, but do the work.
  • You can control your own activity.


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  • Email is crowded, so you must distinguish yourself.
  • Maybe video emails.
  • Maybe this, maybe that.
The most important thing for a sales leader is to drive sales behaviors."
  • People call back through obligation or curiosity.
  • 70% on retaining.
  • Identify the behaviors you're expecting from your salespeople and screen them.
  • Get invited into the prospect's hobbies.
  • Credibility is how you get invited in.
  • Wrote the outline in June and finished in December.


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  • In 2017 he decided to finish his degree.
  • Finished online after five years and walked across the stage in Boston, and found himself with free time.
  • Tried pickleball, and on the first point of his first game, he tore the fascia on his foot.

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