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Grow Your Growth IQ With Tiffani Bova

Salesforce.com evangelist helps you grow your sales



Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • "We have Salesforce and nobody's logging in."
  • You have a people process problem.
  • You do not have a technology problem.
  • You're working harder and not smarter

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The art of the possible...is possible."
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution
  • There are 10 growth paths...but nothing is new
  • Not all growth is good growth
  • Everyone doesn't want to grow faster than they are currently growing
  • Build your beachhead from which to grow
  • Marc Benioff challenged the 57,000 Salesforce staff to have one million conversations and listen when the COVID shutdown hit us. (They've now had 6.5 million conversations.)
  • Salesforce launched six new products in the middle of COVID

Which CRM Is Right For You?


Write the book that you would want to read." ~Seth Godin

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