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Three Simple Things: Leading During Chaos, Author, SEAL, Thom Shea

Why quitting is catastrophic and how to not quit!



Leadership Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • 23 years as a Navy SEAL.
  • Author of two books.
  • Head of the Navy SEAL sniper school.
  • Raise your level of expectation.
  • "Spartan Woman" became "Unbreakable."
  • 13 valuable life lessons.
  • War is "nebulous" for those back home.
  • War is clear and scary as hell for the warrior.

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  • War was easier than training for him.
  • In 1996 he got his sniper qualification.
  • Three skills
    • Shooting.
    • Thinking (mindset is why most fail) (reconnaissance and getting into position secretly).
    • Tactics to maneuver in and out undetected.
  • SEALs want to get better every day.
  • Civilians/average Americans do not.
  • It was difficult leaving the military.
  • It helps to have a mentor.
  • He had three business mentors who helped him.
  • They met every Friday for a month for dinner, and he debriefed them on his ideas, and he couldn't make a decision without their approval.
  • They say no to everything for that month.
  • His message has been "make people better."
  • Make hard things simple.
  • What can you do right now?


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  • Quitting is catastrophic.
Don't play half."
  • He got a few other SEALs in the room after their community was rocked by some suicides.
  • They laid everything on the table.
  • His buddies told him to write a book.
  • His book is about not quitting.
  • For 21 days, keep any promise.
    • Say I love you.
    • Exercise.
    • Push to make a sale every day.
    • Few people can do it.
    • 4,000 people have tried to do his 21-day challenge, and only 82 have made it.
  • We allow our excuses to tell us they are true.
  • "This is stupid," and "I forgot."
  • You can learn anything if you decide not to quit.
  • Make selling a lifestyle.


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  • People do what they are allowed to do.
  • Pick up those who have hit rock bottom.
  • "Let's quit tomorrow."
  • People are always on the verge of not doing well.
  • Encourage them to come back the next day.
Your company is a relfection of the leadership."
  • You can always keep encouraging someone who comes back to the table.
  • If you're playing the numbers game, you think the bottom numbers matter.
  • It's more effective to demand more of people.
Demand more of your people."
  • You have to reign people in the SEAL teams.
  • Great leaders tether their people together and reign them in.
  • In business, it's too much about "empowerment."
  • Don't encourage the laggards.
  • Salary destroys organizations.
  • As little as two hours a day are actually done at effective work in an eight-hour day.
  • Three levels of communication:
    • Listen without judgment, as they matter. Every human must be heard.
    • Speak without drama. Be on point.
    • Validate what you've heard. Clarify, so you understand. Interrupt people if you don't know what they are saying. Show you are listening.
    • Ask for the business. Let's do something that we just discussed.
  • OJT is tough for Alpha leaders to implement.
  • Patience is needed but rare in leadership.
  • Everything is a failure until you succeed.
  • Failure is a learning opportunity.
  • Leaders listen in the SEAL teams.
  • Thom let his teams make the plans so they'd own it.
  • Once you speak, you invalidate someone else.
  • Surround yourself with experts and lead them. Get them the training to be experts.
  • If a platoon doesn't like you in a leadership position, you'll fail.
  • In SEAL teams, the mission is less important than the team.
  • You can always turn around from a mission you perceive as unwinnable.
  • Other than rescue missions, all missions can be done later.
  • Nobody yells at you in the SEALs. You're just scared.


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