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Things You WILL NOT Hear Come Out of This Keynote Speaker's Mouth

You're not bringing in a "whisperer" to repeat the same ol', same ol' or to discuss how things were "back in the good ol' days."

You bring in The Sales Whisperer® as your keynote speaker when you need to make an impact on your people that causes the desired improvement in thinking, attitude and performance.

That's why you won't hear any of these words or tired phrases come out of my mouth during my keynote sessions:

  • 24 by 7
  • Actionable
  • At the end of the day
  • Benchmark
  • Best practice
  • Big fish in a small pond
  • Bottom line
  • Buyers are liars
  • Client focus(ed)
  • Core competencies
  • Customer-centric
  • Deliverables
  • Empower (or empowerment)
  • Expeditious
  • Fast track
  • Game plan
  • Knowledge base
  • Leverage (I'll use it in my own way)
  • Low-hanging fruit
  • Matrix
  • Mindset
  • Moments of truth
  • Optimization
  • Out of the loop
  • Outside the box
  • Paradigm
  • Proactive
  • Raise the bar
  • Result-driven
  • Revisit
  • Scalable
  • Sell the sizzle, not the steak
  • Strategic fit
  • Synergy
  • The Butterfly Effect
  • The chauffeur and the lecturer story
  • The Cortez-burning-his-ships story
  • The elephant and the stake story
  • The frog in boiling water story
  • The lighthouse story
  • The lumberjack story
  • The monkeys and bananas story
  • The next level
  • The Nordstrom tire story
  • The roast story
  • The Roger Bannister story
  • The starfish story
  • The world’s greatest hitter story
  • The Yale goal-setting story
  • Think outside the box
  • To tell you the truth (or the truth is)
  • Touch base
  • Value-added
  • Willy Loman
  • Win-win
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • You have two ears and one mouth…

You may be thinking, "That's a long list. What is left TO cover? What will you say when we bring you in?"

All I can say is that NOBODY IN AMERICA brings my combination of:

  • A world-class education—B.S. from the United States Air Force Academy, which makes me fluent in "Geek," technology, engineering...and red tape.
  • A down-home education—B.S. from Texas A&M University, which makes me fluent in "Bubba," NCAA football, BBQ, common sense, and good manners.
  • 5 years active duty military experience around the globe.
  • World traveler—some of my travels include South Korea, Thailand, the U.A.E., Key West, FL to Anchorage, AK, San Diego to Boston, Denmark, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • Thirteen (at least) W-2 sales and sales management jobs that have taken me from Hawaii to New York, Spain to Denmark, Oshkosk to Puerto Rico.
  • Being laid off at least four times.
  • Being on unemployment when my second child was born.
  • Being laid off three times in two years, with two of them coming on my birthday!
  • The determination and drive to still make President's Club with three different companies in three different industries in both the first year and subsequent years...before being laid off!
  • Failed business ventures, partnerships and investments.
  • Successful business ventures, partnerships and investments.
  • Being rated the #1 Sales Trainer as judged by 3,000 sales people during Dell's SPT push in 2007.
  • Trademark and copywriting experience.
  • Author of two books. "The Definitive Guide to Infusionsoft" and "The Sales Whisperer® Way"
  • Web design, direct mail, sales copy and "Web 2.0" expertise.
  • A heavy dose of God-given common sense and a quick wit (but not a sharp tongue.)
  • An incurable curiosity and love of life.
  • No ego (but confidence in what I say and do and how I say it and do it!)
  • And a constant, steady, unwavering commitment to God, America, Capitalism, Our Troops and my wife of 21+ years and our seven children.

When I am done delivering your keynote talk, your attendees will feel as though it was at least time well spent if not revolutionary, life-changing and exactly what they needed to hear.

Your attendees will be entertained, engaged and will leave with tools and ideas that they can implement before their head hits the pillow that night.

If you think all—or some—of the above can benefit you and your attendees please contact me now to secure your date.

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