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Thin-Skinned Entrepreneurs Are Burning At The Stake

This is part 3 of 4 or 5 or 6 in my “Burned At The Stake” sales and mar­ket­ing series. (I'll keep writing this series as long as I am inspired...and entertained. It could end here or it could end next year so stop counting. Just enjoy the ride.) 

Last week I "kicked over an ant hill" (if you're from the South you'll know the reference. If not check out this clip.) with my blog post, Wimpy Salesmen Should Be Burned At The Stake. *Some people (erroneously) equated wimpy with pushy. Some called me "uncharitable." Some called the post "bad taste."

Since perception is reality some people missed my point and gave me grief for the post. (This will be the subject of the 5th or 6th part of this series. I'm not sure of the title. I'm thinking of:

  • "People With Their Heads Up Their Butts Should Be Burned At The Stake"
  • "You Can't Fix Stupid: Pass The Peanuts"
  • "Your Perception Is Wrong. Here's Your Sign."
  • "Why You Should Get Your Meds Right Before You Comment On My Posts"

Let me know which resonates with you in the Comments below and I may or may not listen to your votes! :-) Back to my Burned At The Stake story: Thin-Skinned Entrepreneurs Are Burning At The Stake: Business Growth Strategies.)

When people take shots at you it can sting. Sure, sticks and stones break bones but words can do more lasting damage by crushing your

  • pride,
  • ego,
  • motivation,
  • commitment,
  • desire,
  • purpose,
  • vision.

Become One of The 5

Motivation Is The Key To Sales Growth

I'd rather have two broken legs than have my motivation snapped. I'd rather be in a neck brace for six months than lose my purpose or business vision.

But people's actions and attitudes prove the 2nd law of thermodynamics (entropy) is alive and well in the way we are quick to tear down and attack those we disagree with vs. compliment and support those we do agree with at a ratio at least 2:1.

To put yourself out there and subject yourself to being attacked and criticized 100-500% more often than you are praised takes guts and thick skin.

How do you get thick skin? Use it. On purpose and with purpose.

Back in February 2012 I ran the Tough Mudder race with some friends. We prepared by doing a lot of pull-ups to handle the obstacles and to build thick skin - callouses - to minimize our pain and chance of injury, which increased our chances of success.

To get thick skin as an entrepreneur you need to put yourself out there. Take a stand. Get noticed. Be told your messaging pisses people off. Be told your ads are annoying. Become visible in the marketplace. This exposes you to attacks. Once you survive 5 or 10 or 100 or 1,000 you'll be entrepreneurial tough.

To get a jump start on putting yourself out there go back and read Part 2, Wimpy Headline Writers Should Be Burned At The Stake: Effective Marketing Strategies.

If you are not willing to get noticed and develop callouses in places your competition doesn't even have blisters you are dying a slow, painful, burned-at-the-stake death. Sure, suffering makes you more Christ-like, but when God gives you much, much is expected of you. (Luke 12:48.)

So stop beating yourself and stop allowing others to beat you down. If you are thin-skinned and in business for yourself either get someone to screen all of your bad press so it doesn't slow you down or make up your mind to dominate your niche, delete the noise, develop thick skin, move onward and upward and prove the naysayers wrong.

You owe it to yourself and your prospects who need what you have to offer.

Market like you mean it.
Now go sell something.

*P.S. I also gained a lot more followers, positive comments, opt-ins to my Weekly Whisper, and clients from one "edgy" blog post than any "nice" or "informative" posts. Which is best for you? For your business? For your bank account? For your family?

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