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The Weekly Whisper - October 22, 2011

Life Is Worth Living, So Live It.

The Weekly Whisper

Today I may ramble a bit. You've been warned.

Today my fifth baby, third baby girl, turns 7. Her name is Mary-Claire.  (That's her in the photo above turning 3 in the San Diego Children's *Hospital.)

With six (6) children from the same wife with no multiple births I regularly hear wise, creative, loving people ask kind, thoughtful, personal questions like:

  • Are you done yet? (Like a loaf of bread?)
  • Don't you know what causes that? (Yes I do and I like it very much.)
  • Don't you own a TV? (Do you have a nice one you want to get rid of?)
  • What, are you religious or something? (Aren't you?)
  • When are you going to get fixed? (EVERYTHING on me works just fine. Obviously.)

What's my point?

I have a couple, maybe even a few.

Children are gifts from God.

God does exist. God entrusts the miracle of life to us for a reason. That reason is not always readily apparent. Trust in God.

Life is fragile.

Enjoy it. Appreciate it. Live it out loud and on purpose.

Fear is a beast.

Fear keeps you from following your dreams.

Fear is fake

95% of fears never come true. 4% do come true but aren't as bad as we feared. So 1% of potentially bad stuff is keeping you frozen, paranoid, stressed out, unhappy, grumpy, unproductive, limited, under your potential, sad.

God wants you to succeed

God did not work with your parents to bring you into this world to be poor and sad.

Go live on purpose.

If you can benefit from a nudge, a word of encouragement, an idea or two try my private coaching program.

-Wes Schaeffer

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*Mary-Claire had an un-diagnosed ruptured appendix that took 15 days to identify and remove. I spent 11 days in the hospital with her. Her mommy spent all 15 days with her despite being 38 weeks pregnant with our fourth baby girl, Ella. Moms are the best and Shannon's the best mommy. That's why we have 6 kids and twice this year almost had 7. Now we have two little angels pulling for us, praying for us, waiting for us in heaven. I told you life is a gift.