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The Things You Make, Make You. How Do You Like What You Made?

I posted this back in late 2010 while watching football when I saw a Jeep Grand Cherokee commercial with the tagline "The Things We Make, Make Us."

What a great slogan.

What are you making?

  • Excuses?
  • "Copycat" products and services?
  • Social media enemies?
  • Another margarita?

At the top of your professional development goals should be the goal to make Excellence.

Are you making things that make a difference?

Solutions that demand creative thinking, quality ingredients, better engineering and tighter tolerances.

Try starting a sales podcast or a technology podcast or a newsletter or write a book or give a TedX talk.

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Try volunteering to help disaster victims or the homeless or just a family going through a tough time.

If you're not sure what to do, look at your competitors and do the opposite.

If you're not sure where to start, begin by tracking your time in 15 minute increments to discover just how much time you've been wasting.

Get a free calorie and exercise tracking application like MyNetDiary and start planning and measuring what you put into your body and how you use—or don't use—your body.

When your mind is clear and your body is healthy everything else gets easier and more enjoyable.

Then start setting some goals and compressing your time frames into a 12 Week Year.

Once you have a sense of urgency begin having more effective sale calls by following a mutually-agreed upon sales agenda with your clients and prospects.

If you need an even bigger, swifter, more efficient kick in the pants, apply for my 90-Day Private Coaching.

Whatever you do, make the most of it.

Now go sell something.

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