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The (Success) Clues Are Everywhere

It's Saturday, and my wife has been out shopping and left me home to babysit.

"But Wes, if they're your own kids that's not technically 'babysitting.'"

Don't get technical with me!

Do you know how much stress I'm under?

Don't get me started.

Now where was I...?

Oh yeah, so here I am alone with these rapscallions and our Shop Vac. (My wife wants me to feed and ensure the safety of our children AND clean behind the refrigerator, stove, and clean the ceiling fan? REALLY? While college football is on? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?)

So there I was...cleaning behind the stove like a good husband of 21 years (28 now), and what do I find on my phone a few minutes later? (See attached photo.)

Now who could've created such fantastic artwork, grabbed my iPhone, and snapped such a glorious photo of such glorious said artwork?

After a great deal of research and studying the evidence, I can state with great certainty and beyond a shadow of a doubt that my 2.5-year-old Ava (now 9.5) is the mastermind behind all of the above.

Amazing what we can discover through a little observation and deductive reasoning, isn't it?

But you have to be both willing to look for the answer and accept the answer when you find it.

Things are rarely what they appear.

Having spent nine years in the Air Force stationed around the world, I can guarantee you our international policies are not as they appear.

Having been a licensed stockbroker and investment adviser, I can tell you the stock market is not as it appears.

Having known and met in private with consultants to several past Presidents of the United States, I can tell you the election, the candidates, and how laws are made are not as they appear.

Having consulted with many New York Times best-selling authors (as opposed to those 1:22-1:23 AM on Amazon best-selling authors) that getting a book to the best seller ranking is not as it appears. (It's almost as shady as the Amazon trick, except it costs you about $400,000 more.) 

Having consulted with some of the biggest names in podcasting, YouTube marketing, membership site building, and other online marketing ventures, I can tell you NONE of those are as they appear.

There are so many nuances and subtleties and "Oh, wow, THAT'S how they do it" in becoming the dominant provider in your niche that it takes stubborn, pig-headed determination to get there.

However, you can apply that pig-headedness to get there on your own—at great monetary, time, and frustration expense—or you can apply it to find those that have already paved the trail and are willing to show you the way.

That will save you time and frustration, and money, although the good ones will make you dig deep to retain them.

But I always like to say the only time you'll cry when we work together is when you write that first check.

After that, it's all grins and high-fives.

Now what are you going to do with your online access? Form your opinion or your ideas?

If you're ready to dig deep and implement the clues to sales and marketing success I've already discovered and implemented myself, let me know. 

Good selling,

Wes Schaeffer
Founder, The W.E.S. Method™