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The Salesman Who Closed Every Prospect He Met

Once upon a time there was this salesman...

Wait a minute.

Do you know the difference between story telling in the North vs. the South?

In the North they start their stories with, "Once upon a time..."

In the South we start our stories with, "You ain't gonna believe this!"

So let's try this again.

You ain't gonna believe this.

There was this salesman who well known around the office because he closed every prospect he met.

He would brag about how easy sales was for him and how he expected to set company records this year and then just scoff as he walked out the door to go close some more prospects.

Then, out of the blue, on the first day of the second month after this miracle-closing salesman started at the company, he was fired.


Why would a salesman who closes every prospect he met get fired?

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Because he only closed one prospect, which was way back on his 5th day on the job.

It happened on his 5th day because that's how long it took to get his dad to take him to lunch and buy the least expensive item his company sold...and he offered him a payment plan even though his company didn't offer payment plans.

The rest of the month, he checked into the office, acted confident, talked a big game as he walked out the door to go sip on a McDonald's coffee (free refills), and get into arguments on industry blogs and LinkedIn Groups until he went home for the day.

And he lived miserably ever after.

The End.

Eat This To Sell More

I tell you this fairy tale to help dispel the myth about batting a thousand in the world of sales.

While it's great to improve your closing percentages by developing better lists, creating a referral program, bringing on affiliates, and improving your marketing skills, to be successful in sales, you must be willing to get out and interact with your prospects face to face and open yourself up NOT to be rejected but to have YOUR OFFER rejected, at least temporarily.

So tell the blowhards in the office to pipe down so you can get some real selling done.

If you'd like a little boost, give me a shout, and let's see if I can help.

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