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See The Top 10 Episodes of The Sales Podcast

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 With 99 episodes published so far, and this being the end of 2014, it's a great time to review the top 10 most downloaded episodes of The Sales Podcast.
  • #10 - Dominate Social Media - and Business - With Adam Houlahan. Adam went from zero social media presence to 20 million impressions per month in three years. Listed to his interview to learn how he did it in episode 87.

  • # 9 - You Can Raise Your Prices 5x & Close 70% of Clients On the First Visit. Jeff Giagnocavo mastered direct response marketing, sales choreography, and marketing automation to raise his prices and still sell more. Hear how he did it in episode 85.
    Jeff Giagnocavo The Sales Podcast 85.jpg

  • # 8 - Blend Direct Marketing & With Social Media For The 1-2 Punch! Kim Walsh-Phillips is an Online and Offline direct response marketer, author and consultant to the direct response marketing king, Dan Kennedy. But she didn’t even know what direct response marketing was five years ago. Hear her story of taking fast action and producing massive results both online and offline and how you can, too, in episode 80.

  • # 7 - Go For No Or Leave Money On The Table. (How's That For New Sales Training?) Andrea Waltz Go For No Author, Trainer, Keynote Speaker. With a B.S. in Criminal Justice, Andrea was poised to be a sales trainer. (NOT!) But while working her way through college she excelled in sales with Lens Crafters, where she eventually met her husband, Richard Fenton, a fellow sales person. Together they left their company to take their unique sales training message, “Go For No,” on the road, and you can hear it on episode 78.

  • # 6 - You Need To Grow a Pair Now. Larry Winget, The Pitbull of Personal Development. Hear his rags to riches and how to grow a bigger pair in episode 81.

  • # 5 - YES You Can Be Catholic & Successful In Sales, Says Entrepreneur Shane O’Flaherty. Shane O’Flaherty was a 25 year veteran of Corporate America with a CEO gig, able to travel the world, and do as he pleased. Yet he left it all behind to follow his faith. Hear Shane’s story of listening to God to become an entrepreneur on episode 84.

  • # 4 - Take Control With The Late, Great Friend & Entrepreneur Rick Robins. On July 4th, 2014, during a 30-day vacation with his family in the Caribbean, Rick and his family were swept off the beach by a large wave and pulled into the ocean with a strong rip current. In saving his young child, Rick gave his life. He was the owner and founder of Trialogic, Inc – Innovative Research Coaching. After being “so out of the loop on what it took to be an entrepreneur” Rick turned things around and was earning more every two weeks than he used to earn in a year. Hear his story of personal growth and business success in episode 63.

  • # 3 - Create a 7-Figure Business With Sales and Marketing Automation - Jermaine Griggs. Jermaine founded HearandPlay.com at 17-years old in his grandma’s one-bedroom inner city apartment. He had no idea his $70 investment would turn into a multi-million dollar business teaching tens of thousands how to play and enjoy music by ear. Hear how he did it in episode 35.

  • # 2 - Hear How Prison Can Make You Write, Market & Sell Better, With Bond Halbert. Copywriting Expert, Bond Halbert, grew up literally on the knee of one of the best copywriters the world has ever known, Gary Halbert. While he describes himself as “born lucky,” he has sold millions of dollars of information products on his own and has since become the shepherd of his dad’s legacy. Hear how the pen is still mightier than the sword in episode 77.

  • # 1 - You Can Come Back From Suicide To Appear On Oprah and Win Emmy Awards and Live Life To Its Fullest. Rhonda Britten “Starting Over” was 14 years old when she witnessed her father shoot her mother then himself. But her father almost killed her if her mother had not intervened. She carried the guilt of “could I have done more” for 20 years. After attempting suicide three times and living a life of misery she realized “nobody is coming to save me…I have to figure this out myself.”Hear how Rhonda turned her misery into her ministry to create a life-changing show, win an Emmy, appear on Oprah and speak to thousands around the world. Become inspired with her story on episode 83.

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