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Download The Sales Agenda To Close More Sales

When you follow "The Sales Agenda" you can download below you will feel as though you have a "secret weapon" in your efforts to

  • Befriend receptionists and gate keepers,
  • Reach decision makers,
  • Set firm appointments with decision makers,
  • Get them to make a decision,
  • Shorten your sales cycles,
  • Sell at higher margins,
  • And get more referrals and testimonials.

David Sandler called it "Up Front Contracts."

Steve Clark calls it "close first, then present."

Alan Weiss, in his $150 book "How to Write a Proposal That's Accepted Every Time" calls it "conceptual agreement on outcomes." (This is dealing more with the proposal stage of the sales cycle but he's still setting a firm agenda with clear expectations as to what is to follow.)

When expectations are clear, the prospect is relaxed, you are confident and a sale can be made.

Use this Sales Agenda Template to grow your sales today.

How To Control Every Sale