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The Meaning of Easter In Your Faith Journey

Why Is The Fear of God In Our DNA?

Throughout history we see...

  • Cavemen feared the thunder.
  • The Romans had Juno, Jupiter, and Mars
  • The Greeks had Hera, Zeus, and Ares.
  • The Vikings had Odin and Thor (cool action figure, BTW) and worshipped their ancestors.
  • The Incas had Illapa, the Weather God (my favorite, but I'm a biased Air Force meteorologist), and believed in Inti, the Sun god.
  • The Yorùbá of Africa have Ọlọ́run, the supreme creator diety as well as gods of the air, volcanoes, rivers and war.
  • The Aborigines have the Wandjina spirits.
  • Hindus have Viraj and Purusha.
  • The Inuit have Igaluk, god of the moon, Nanook, master of bears, and Sedna, sea Goddess and ruler of the underworld.

As you circle the globe across all of recorded time, one thing remains consistent: belief in something outside of us that is greater than us and created us.

Is The Creator Good or Evil?

So is that "something" kind and loving or heavy-handed and impatient? 

Are humans inherently good but occasionally do evil things, or are we inherently evil and occasionally do good things? 

Are we spiritual beings with a human body, or physical beings with a spiritual component?

If there is no God, against what standard do we define good and evil? How do those words have any meaning unless there is a God who is good and made us in His image and likeness, both male and female?

If we are just physical beings sentenced to merely roam and consume the earth for a few decades, why do we even ask what is good and what is evil?

I believe that there is one God and He is that "something."
I believe He wants to be known and loved and has given us clues as to His existence and His goal.

Evidence of Good Surrounds Us

We see it in the smile and giggle of a baby. In the beauty of a sunset. In the embrace of our family. In the actions of our military and first responders who rush into harm's way to protect and to save and to serve. In the weary, frazzled smile of a nursing mother who has not slept more than 60 minutes at a time for a month, but is filled with joy nonetheless. In the pride of a father that just taught his little one how to ride a bike.

We also see it in the parent that holds the child down to get stitches after a fall. In the parent that scolds the child for reaching for the hot stove or running around the swimming pool or not looking both ways when crossing the street.

Jesus Came To Clearly Identify Good and Evil

The innate knowledge that there is a God and our yearning for love "proves" that God is real. Today, Good Friday, we celebrate how He proved His ceaseless love for us to ensure the selfish, childish mistakes we make are not permanent.

By submitting Himself to pure evil, He demonstrated pure goodness.

In standing up to Pontius Pilate, Jesus answered "What is truth?".

The truth is not to ignore sin or to deny sin or to say there is no sin. 

The truth is to acknowedge our sinful ways, to accept the love of our Creator as we accept the love of our parents and give love to our children, to stare evil in the face and acknowledge it as evil, and the rest will take care of itself.

It really is that simple. It's not easy. But it is simple.

You know the Truth. You can feel it in your bones. It's the DNA of God making His presence known. Accept the Truth and live free.  

Good selling. Good Friday. Happy Easter.