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The impact/distract gap

Previously I wrote about big hairy audacious goals and their negative impact on your business growth.

Today let's look at how to create a positive business impact in today's hyper-connected, distracted world of instant-gratification seekers.

Building and sustaining a business requires effort

Wishing it was easier or hoping for a break is not a sustainable nor advisable business model. (See "Hopium: The Best Drug For Sales Suicide") 

Far too many good businesses that were launched and run by good people fail because their hope gave them a false sense of security and it distracted them from making the changes and taking the actions that were needed to grow.

It's like the anxious salespeople I see who ignore even looking at their phone while they surf around LinkedIn thinking they'll find that one connection today that will put them over quota by next week. (Let me know how that works out for you.)

If there is a task you can start now that will make an impact to your business either immediately or it's needed for the long term growth and sustainability of your business, do it.

If it's only "possible" that you can make an impact then chances are whatever you are doing will simply distract you from your future.

Impact or distract is a fact, Jack.

Now go do what needs to be done.

Or just contact me and we'll set a time to speak.

Good Selling,