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The Good Guys Don't Accept Your Worship

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We humans are funny creatures, aren't we?

We don't want to be treated like a number, but we're afraid to stand out and be excellent.

We don't want to be told what to do, but we have trouble making decisions.

We want to march to the beat of our own drum, but most can't carry a tune in a bucket.

We're skeptical, cynical, and mistrusting, but we'll go all-in on when we find something we like.

And that's the problem.

The Goo-Roos Know You

There are plenty of bad guys, i.e., "goo-roos," who know how to either discover what you like quickly or change your mind as to what you think you like and then make you think they're the only ones in the world who can provide it.

And since they are the sole-possessor of that which is good, you'll pay whatever they charge to acquire it.

Eventually, if you're lucky, you'll see through the clouds and the smoke and realize you're on the wrong path.

But remember, we humans are funny creatures.

Despite being on the wrong path many of us still do not change course.

Wes, who in their right mind would knowingly stay on the wrong course?"

We're told why in Proverbs 16:18: "Pride goes before disaster, and a haughty spirit before a fall."

Because of your pride you know that everyone and their brother knows you're a fan of the goo-roo and have swallowed her stuff hook, line, and sinker.

So rather than admit that you were wrong and were taken, you sink deeper into their world.

Wes, how do I keep from falling into the Goo-Roo trap?"

Know How To Spot A Goo-Roo

The key thing you can do to save yourself from the evil affects of the Goo-Roos is to learn how to recognize them so you can either avoid them or consume their lessons and their messages through a filter.

For example, about 2,000 years ago Paul and Barnabas were out doing their thing, i.e. preaching the Good News of Jesus, and ran across the good people of Lystra.

In the course of their preaching they performed a miracle on one who "had the faith to be healed."

As soon as they saw this the Lycaonians thought "The gods have come down to us in human form."

Paul and Barnabas basically said some form of:

  • What the what?
  • Slow your roll!
  • Have you even listened to a word we said?*

*NOTE: People pay way more attention to what you do than what you say. "Actions speak louder than words," right?

And concluded with "We are of the same nature as you, human beings." 

You see, Paul and Barnabas wouldn't allow these easily-influenced people to worship them even though it took great effort to "scarcely restrain the crowds from offering sacrifice to them."

Find a Professional Development Mentor, Not a Goo-Roo

We all need impartial, expert coaches, mentors, advisors to help us along our journey.

What makes a mentor a good mentor is the fact they do not accept your adulation and worship.

Much like the "5 Qualities to Look For in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor," your ideal mentor will possess:

  1. Technical knowledge. They don't have to be world-class, so long as they are competent, proficient, and better than you.
  2. Patience. It takes time to master anything worth doing, and anything worth doing will be difficult, so find a patient mentor.
  3. Attentiveness.
  4. Great communication skills.
  5. And they will be a decent human being.

That last one is lacking as much today as it ever has in the history of the human race, except now one creative low life can leverage social media and other forms of digital marketing to reach far wider, far faster with a promise of the easy button easier than ever.

Stay strong.

Understand your challenge.

Get clear on your goals.

Stop looking for the easy button.

Accept the fact that a good mentor—the right mentor—will not do the work for you even if they can.

Mentors are not contractors or freelancers. They exist to help you become a better version of yourself.

Detach during the search for your ideal mentor and understand that you may need several mentors simultaneously and/or sequentially as you progress along your journey.

And to reach your full potential requires a journey.

So find someone with whom you can enjoy the ride.

Market like you mean it.
Now go sell something.