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The Cure To Your Business Woes: Give Customers What They Want

Are you a fan of "The Cure?"

I'm writing my next issue of "The Weekly Whisper©" and the band The Cure is creeping into my writings.

Being the highly trained researcher I am (translated, "easily distracted") I peeked into my iTunes library to see what classic tunes of theirs I own.

Thinking back 31 years (AHHH!) I remember getting their 1989 album "Disintegration" for Christmas from my friends and sponsor family at the Air Force Academy and digging that album. 

So I hopped on over to the iTunes store and augmented my collection from The Cure with Just Like Heaven, Friday I'm in Love, Why Can't I Be You, Hot Hot Hot!!!

Rest assured I put myself in timeout for not owning these classics already.

You just gotta love Apple and iTunes. While I sit here in my fuzzy pink slippers with my 3rd cup of Joe I can find 25 year old songs and only buy the ones I really wanted, own them immediately, and crank them on my JBL system off my MacBook Pro and form a mosh pit with my 7 kids, wife, and English lab all before 9:30 in the morning.

(Who says Apple has lost its mojo?)

As soon as you figure out how to build that kind of loyalty and create that type of buying experience your recession will be over forever.

Market like you mean it.
Now go sell something.