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The Best Free Sales Training on the Planet

"Everything on the internet should be free!"

Free "growth hacks," free templates, free software, free books, and free sales training seems to be the expectation today.

The problem with free is that nothing is ever truly free.

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If the content is free, access to the creator is not, which means your time to learn, implement, and optimize will take longer.

And we all know TIME KILLS DEALS!

If you get a bootleg copy of something then your conscience will bother you and you won't see the same results you would've achieved if you had purchased it.

I always tell my clients and students that "It's better to may more than you wanted than less than you should."

Join The Club

People are always asking me if I...

  • Have any "complimentary" training (I tell them they look nice when they're begging), or
  • Can I discount my training (buying sales training from a sales trainer who discounts is like buying shoes from a man who's barefoot)
  • Can I recommend any good books for sales and marketing so at least they get cheap sales training vs. free sales training.

What I finally end up telling them is that the source of the best free sales training on the planet is right under their noses.

The Best Free Sales Training Ever

It's their kids.

You can learn from them and practice on them simultaneously!

"How so?" I can hear you asking.

You can learn from them in their consistency and persistence when they want something.

Now I'm not saying to go begging for stuff but kids know how to position their request and how to offer something of value first before they ask.

For example, back in the day I got my 11 year old son to mow the yard each week in return for prepaying for an online game for him at a whopping $5 a month. (He hadn't mastered negotiation back then, but he has since learned his lesson and is a force to reckon with now.)

Conversely, you can master the skill of "close first, then present" with your kids and you probably already have.

For example, when my little ones—with 7 kids there has always been a "little one" around—would ask for a cookie or other treat I'd close them on what I wanted them to do and in return they'd get the treat, i.e.

  • "Take a bath, then you may have a cookie."
  • "Do your homework, then you may go onto Pinterest."
  • "Clean the kitchen, then you may go out and play."

I got what I wanted—a clean kid, homework done, a clean kitchen WITHOUT a fight—and they got what they wanted.

You must do the same in your professional selling.

Once you master the skill of "CloseFirst, Then Present" your sales life will improve dramatically.

How's that for some excellent free sales training advice? Don't say I "never gave ya nuthin' fer" free.

If you need more help growing your sales, check out the following resources scattered around this site and a few others I operate, such as: