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I just taught my kids about tax day

I just taught my kids about tax day.

I woke them up after getting just 70% of their normal sleep.

I fed them 30% less breakfast and only drove them 70% of the way to school.

Then I threw 29% of their lunch money down the sewer, gave a homeless guy a penny, and promised a soldier waiting for the bus a pay raise "soon...if he votes for me."

Why can't D.C. "get by" on $3,645,000,000,000.

That's $11,139.98 from every person in the U.S. (That's up from $9,470.05 in 2015.) That's $928.33/mo.

You can lease a 2020 Tesla Model S for $979/mo!

Is D.C. giving you Tesla type service every month?

It's not how much you make.

It's how much you keep.

How much do you deserve to keep?

How much do your kids?

You know the government won't help you so you better make all the money you can so you can have enough left over to protect yourself from those crooked, greedy SOBs.

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