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New Economies Are Old News: It's Time For Massive Action, Know More About CRM Software

It's Time For Massive Action 

The “new normal”…the “new economy”…the “new new economy” is here.

These phrases are kicked around every time there is a shift in the economy.

But guess what?

The economy is always shifting and being disrupted becoming new again.

It’s called life. “Welcome to civilization and the human race.”

It’s in our DNA to work, to grow, and to progress.

Sure, the times, they are a-changin’, and we will continue to see:

  • Increased competition from Latin America, China, Vietnam, India, Eastern Europe, maybe even Mars.
  • Nations devaluing (manipulating) their currencies so their exports remain cheap, which helps their citizens keep their manufacturing jobs (because unemployed people vote against incumbents!).
  • Continued squeezing of the Middle Class.
  • The proliferation of data—and access to it. (But data does not equal information and “A confused mind says no”…but I digress.)
  • A never-ending, expensive fight against terrorism.
  • More power given to the citizens of the world as the Internet, mobile communications, and social media give everyone a voice.

Pick Wes's Brain

On the home front our new normal is:

  • Double digit unemployment. (Just because someone runs out of unemployment benefits doesn’t mean they found a job. Just look at the decreased labor participation rates to see what our new job normal is.)
  • Increased acrimony between our political “leaders.”
  • A sideways to negative stock market for many more years. (Adjusted for inflation, the S&P 500 has produced a compounded annual growth rate of just 2.27% between Jan 1, 2000 to Dec 31, 2016.) 
  • Rising taxes.
  • Tighter credit.
  • Increased personal savings (a good thing for our nation in the long run but tough for the local retailer today).
  • A residential and commercial real estate malaise that will last longer than anyone on TV will admit.

Don't Jump Off The Bridge Just Yet

Because average and ordinary sales people, business owners and middle managers are focused on just getting by so they can binge on Netflix or “The Walking Dead,” they don't see the opportunities this "typical normal" offers you, the one who is willing to follow the OODA loop. (Observe. Orient. Decide. Act.)

How can you remain optimistic and prosperous in these times?

First remain calm and recognize that when everyone is panicking there are boundless opportunities being missed.

Be a problem solver.

As economies shift, it exposes the unprepared. (“A low tide shows who’s been swimming naked.”) Even if you are not an expert at what needs fixing, by approaching business with your eyes wide open and optimistic about your chances for success, you can broker relationships between the downtrodden and the professional fixers, and profit handsomely for doing so.

Acknowledge your own weaknesses.

This may require the work of a professional or the insight from a mastermind group. Hire a neutral 3rd party consultant / advisor to do an evaluation of your business, your personality traits, your marketing, your finances, etc. Leave no stone unturned. Then outsource what you’re bad at doing so you can focus 100% of your efforts on the areas where you excel.

As you dig deeper into your own business and shift your focus to being a finder of problems vs. the fixer of problems, you’ll realize:

  • There are a lot of messed up businesses out there.
  • You ain’t so bad after all.
  • People will pay a lot of money to stop the pain.
  • You can earn a lot of money as a business match-maker.
  • You may have to stop doing something you’ve “always” done.
  • You may have to start doing something you’ve always “avoided.”
  • Tomorrow will be a great day (unless “the creek rises and the Sun don’t.”)
  • The Sun will rise tomorrow, so you better hit the ground running.
  • Excuses last forever. Success takes daily, focused effort.

If you want to know what is a CRM software and how can it help you and your business grow. Contact us now!

Welcome to the New You: Winner in the New Economy.

Now take a bow. ~✯~