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Swing the club. Build a business.

So you can, realize you can't...

You can't teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar.

You can't learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by watching YouTube videos. (I wish you could...my body would be much more appreciative.)

And you can't learn to win at golf by reading a bunch of books.

Likewise, in business, in order to succeed you must jump in and DO BUSINESS.

STOP learning (for a little while) and START doing.

Eat This To Sell More

I see too many people taking a lot of notes while they attend a lot of conferences and watch a lot of webinars (while they also tweet and Face-gram and Inta-book) but they are not doing.

They are getting ready to get ready so they can get ready to "launch something YUGE!"

My secret to success

People ask how I have built my business into a 6-figure recurring income while working from home with no fulltime employees and I tell them I'm a DOER.

I make A LOT of mistakes but I make them quickly.

I only know it's wrong because I launched and I know how to fix it once I see it in action.

Building a business is like learning how to hit a golf ball.

You don't know if you're hitting it to the right or left or too low or too high or too short UNTIL YOU SWING AND HIT THE BALL!

Once you see your ball flight you can then seek help to fix what is not right.

So today / this weekend / this next week hit the SEND / GO / PUBLISH / PRINT button and see what happens.

(Warning: Your best proofreading capability happens AFTER you publish. So get over your perfectionist self.")

If you need more help growing your sales, consider the following resources:

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Good Selling,