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Create Comics To Convert Customers, With Stu Heinecke

Use Contact Marketing To Deliver Insight

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Direct Mail Marketing Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Why business cards are "inert...actually, they're dead"
  • Wall Street Journal cartoonist
  • Why use comics/cartoons in your work to get any meeting
  • Humor is insight
  • A point of agreement is insight
  • How to use contact marketing to deliver insight
    • Call the executive assistant
    • Get his/her email
    • Multiple touches


Pick My Brain For 90 Minutes


  • Send them content that highlights the recipient
  • Make the packaging standout
  • Has 1,600 cartoons with data insertion points ("wide personalization")
  • "Deep personalization" involves creating a dossier on someone (by scraping or tools like Seamless AI) to send truly customized marketing information
  • How to use visual metaphors
  • From Playboy to the Wall Street Journal
  • When the ideas hit him for the best cartoons
  • Can take days to come up with an idea
  • Was never trained as an artist
  • Took a few live image sketch classes
    • With charcoal
    • Some in 15 seconds
  • The importance of hands
  • How to direct the eyes
  • His reply to "Humor doesn't work in marketing!"

Links Mentioned In This Interview With Direct Mail Marketing Expert, Stu Heinecke

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