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Become an Unstoppable CEO With Steve Gordon

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The "Sneaky" Way To Meet Your Ideal Prospects 

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Who do you serve?
  • Who are you trying to be a hero to?
  • He helps "unstoppable CEOs"
  • Entrepreneurs are usually great technicians
  • Your #1 job as a business owner is...
  • Get educated about marketing
  • Don't allow yourself to get sold by the drive-by advertising schmuck

Eat This To Sell More

  • Ask yourself "what am I trying to sell here?
  • How do you replicate that relationship-building model online?
  • Don't abdicate your marketing
  • What is your role in the business?
  • Where do you add value in your business?
  • Build your team around you to enhance your expertise.
  • Own the relationships
  • Strategies are great but you must be able to execute
  • Podcasting works great for local businesses selling to other entrepreneurial businesses

Links Mentioned In The Sales Podcast