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Become an Amazon Superhero With Stephen Somers

Collect business models and make money as an affiliate



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Wholesale Amazon model of sales
  • Arbitrage selling
  • Become a producer, not a consumer
  • Be aware of how business and sales work
  • Go collect business models
  • Learn to make money as an affiliate 

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  • Made 7-figures last year selling other people's stuff
  • Find a need and fill it
  • He tried to build his own tools for Amazon sales and failed
  • Be open to new idea but be critical and careful
  • Get paid to connect resources
  • "Get Rich With Peace of Mind," Napoleon Hill
  • The "buy box" on Amazon
  • "New and Used" on Amazon
  • Amazon only allows one unique listing per product
  • There is a price point at which you will win the Buy Box placement
  • No haggling...no negotiation required
  • Send it to the Amazon warehouses
  • The wholesale model is next on Amazon
  • Build a relationship with wholesalers and get good products at good prices
  • Make 15-20% on the wholesale model


Join The Club

  • Crayola will sell to distributors in the U.S.
  • Google "crayola distributors california" or "western u.s."
  • Create an account, get access to their catalog, see if you can sell it at profit
  • More risk in private label offers, but he has tools to help you determine it
  • Turn course into a physical product and sell it
  • Run sponsored product ads on Amazon
  • Brand registry




Which CRM Is Right For You?

Sales Growth Tools Mentioned In The Sales Podcast

  • Take The CRM Quiz: get a free consultation with me
  • Donate: Just because you like the show, the no-bullshit approach, and don't want to buy a book, software, or The Make Every Sale Program.
  • The Sales Agenda: take control of every sales opportunity like a pro.
  • Leadferno: Turn lurkers into leads
  • Founders Card: Get $20,000 in free processing from Stripe, save 15% on Bose, save on hotels, travel, car rentals, you name it.
  • Send Drunk Emails: ...that get opened and get you paid!
  • Phone Burner: work the phone like a machine so you can be a human when you connect.
  • Sendspark: Send video emails that make an impact so you can stand out from the noise. Use promo code SALESWHISPERER to get 33% off for 3 months


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