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Meet the $1 Billion+ Copywriter, Stefan Georgi

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Persuasive Copywriting Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Write to clarify your thought process
  • It's a crucible
  • Create custom samples for your prospects
  • Study your prospects
  • Lead with value 
  • You're usually writing in their voice

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  • Be careful with percentage deals. They are hard to track so make sure you can audit them and have access to the books.
  • Created a performance agency and rewriting their funnels for a percentage of revenue or equity.
  • Maybe 
  • The RMBC Method
    • Research
      • Emotionally-driven
      • Check forums for detailed info
      • Look at Amazon reviews...people overshare
    • Mechanism
    • Brief
    • Copy
  • "People aren't logical, they're biological." ~Jim Kwik
  • Converting emotional states is the key
  • Harness and direct their energy...focus their energy


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