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From Topless to Boundless: Meet Sherry Hemstreet

Frome homeless to top of the world



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Started online in 2008
  • Started with affiliate marketing
  • Went into brand management and online authority
  • Started web design
  • High school dropout
  • Made okay money
  • Had just given birth to her daughter
  • Was a topless entertainer in New Orleans for 17 years

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  • At 40, she took her first job ever in marketing to see how it was and to learn
  • It didn't last long
  • Started helping spiritual women with their business
  • At 24 went to college once she was fully emancipated
  • Just took the classes she was weak in and wanted to learn
  • She was the only stripper that took a Bible to work!
  • Got married and had a kid and launched her business
  • Her brother was killed and told him who killed him and the police solved it so she has had some interesting spiritual events
  • 17 years as a stripper is an eternity
  • Single mother and homeless at 19
  • She learned how to sell, learned human nature, learned about wealth
  • She does not hide from her past
  • Now she helps people who sell
  • Works with women who own businesses and a few men
  • "This wasn't given to you for your amusement." God's message to Sherry
  • Eventually, the script will stop working.
  • Eventually, everything stops working, and that's when you'll shift to a higher level.
  • Go internal.
  • Everyone is afraid of going to the next level.


Join The Club

  • Her calibrations happen in your subconscious.
  • "Why do you think you've plateaued?"
  • We answer with a symptom.
  • She's the ultimate underachiever.
  • She's never had to lean on a certificate.
I know the value I bring."
  • Humans thrive under a challenge.
  • Walking on stage at 19 and topless was a scary but wonderful experience.
  • Her biggest customers just wanted to talk with her.
  • People want status, appreciation, and someone's full attention.
  • I never chase money I've already earned.
  • I always charge up-front.
  • Establish the rules up-front.
  • She went for "no" early.
  • She raised her prices from $350 to $500/mo plus champagne.


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  • She thought she was playing small.
  • She had a partner and had a 7-figure business but still felt like she was playing small.
  • Things were easy and comfortable.
  • Created 28 courses, so she's automating that.

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