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Is SEO Dead? Deepak Shukla Explains

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How to reduce your client acquisition with great SEO 

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SEO Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Is SEO dead?
  • How do you know if your SEO is working?
  • SEO can be one of your most important weapons in your arsenal. It's not an immediate feedback tool like cold-calling. SEO helps people find you vs. you finding your leads. 
  • Local search vs. national or international SEO
  • Timeline is impacted by cost and competition

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  • Local SEO can and does work differently in different cities
  • SEO has a lower cost of acquisition over time
  • Every business owner can and should communicate your content on your website in an in-depth, easy-to-consume manner
  • SEO today
    • Backlinks
      • Podcasts
      • Transcribe podcasts
    • Naming images
    • Content balance
    • Local citations
    • Study your competition
    • Study the top ads for your keywords
  • Focus on epic content vs filler content
    • Blogger outreach to share links
    • Guest blogging
    • Brand is everything today
  • You can duplicate your own content but link back to your original piece, which should be on your blog/website
    • Change them up a bit
    • Space them out a week or so
    • Post the first half then link back
  • Social media is a subset of SEO. It's a signal.
  • Subdomains are viewed as separate domains by Google
  • Why Pearl Lemon for his SEO company?
    • His partner gave him the idea to try lemons on his salad and he thought it was a crazy idea...but he liked it
    • And she liked to wear pearl necklaces

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