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"Send" sells better

 Since 2006, as The Sales Whisperer®, I've helped…

  • realtors
  • mortgage brokers
  • financial advisors
  • executive coaches
  • asbestos remediation training companies
  • plastic surgeons
  • CPAs
  • retailers
  • clowns (not politicians...real children's entertainers)
  • The Girl Scouts (no kidding)

…and maybe 100 other types of companies / industries get better at sales and marketing.

Would you like to know what they all have in common? They're all comprised of people that want to over-complicate things.

People will always ask things like

  • Which is better: orange, green, or blue "buy now" buttons?
  • Shouldn't I split test my email newsletter?
  • Don't I need a 37-step sequence before I go live?
  • Can you help me combine email, voicemail, SMS, direct mail, and sky writing to launch this new campaign?

And my response is always the same: How many campaigns / email newsletters have you launched in the last 90 days?

The sheepish response is always the same: "none" or "a lot less than we should."

You can't steer a parked car. Hit SEND and let's see what happens.

You need to publish one page before you can modify it and split test it.

You need to create a newsletter and publish it regularly for 6 months or 10 weeks before you should modify it.

You need to create a 3-step series and publish it and launch it so you know what the 4th and 5th and 37th step should be.

But staring at a blank screen--and blank bank account--won't get you the results you need.

So say something from the heart and hit SEND and see what happens.

I promise you less bad will and more good will.

If you need more help growing your sales, check out the following resources scattered around this site and a few others I operate, such as:

Good Selling,
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