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How To Sell Tomorrow Today

(First written 2/7/17) You better have some serious selling skills if you are selling something today that will not provide benefits until tomorrow.

(See "Aspirin vs. Vitamin.")

We (still) have rampant problems with obesity, mortgages, jobs, retirement, marriage, and education because most people

  • don't care about the consequences of their actions,
  • don't understand what the consequences of their actions could be,
  • think they can take a pill to remove the consequences of their actions,
  • think they can have surgery to remove the consequences of their actions, or
  • they think they can vote themselves a way to fix today whatever they broke yesterday.

Today you must be crystal clear on the who, what, when, where, and why of your business.

  • Who buys what you are selling?
  • What are you REALLY selling? (Chances are your customers are buying from you for reasons you don't know or understand.)
  • When do your customers buy? Is it seasonal, cyclical, only during full moons?
  • Where can they buy it? If 1,000 places sell it online with free shipping, no tax, in customized sizes with free engraving that's good news. It means there is interest and demand for what you sell. It's bad news if you can't figure out how to differentiate and stand out.
  • Why do your customers buy? Is it to scratch an itch? Is it a big itch or a small itch? Is it a perceived itch or an actual itch? Is it to be itch-proof?

A gravitationally-challenged (GC) (that's a politically-correct term for "large") person won't buy a gym membership until he can't afford a third new wardrobe this year or gets stuck in a booth at Burger King in front of all of his co-workers or collapses after playing catch with his kid in the backyard.

Yesterday's marketing techniques will not change that and will not connect with that GC before the collapse, and might only connect with him after his collapse if you are seen as the low-cost provider of his miracle cure.

You better get serious about applying today's marketing techniques to get your business and your life where you want them to be.

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Good Selling,