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If you sell Fords, don't drive a Chevy


Selling anything is really easy if you believe in what you sell.

How do you believe in what you sell? 

Use it.

Benefit from it.

Prosper with it.

Then tell the truth. 

Better yet, ask your prospects what they are looking to achieve or how they'd like to benefit from your offering.

Ask them how they are impacted by not having those needs met now.

If your solution meets those needs at a cost that is less than how much they'd benefit, the sale is easy, it's natural, it's obvious.

So if you sell Chevys...you better drive a Chevy.

"But Wes, what about male gynecologists? Since they've never given birth, can they be great doctors or should only women be OB/GYNs?" 

Selling a product vs. providing a service vs. being a caregiver are not apples to apples to apples. 

Like his female patients, a male OB/GYN is a human being who was born and raised by a woman. He has probably dated women and married a woman and has probably seen his own wife give birth so he has what great sales people have for all humans: empathy.

(Which is covered in depth in The BETR™ Prospecting Program as part of the "Make Every Sale" program, which you can learn more about below.)

But I digress.

If you sell Fords, drive a Ford.

If you sell Coke, drink Coke.

If you work for Microsoft, don't use Apple products. ("But, Wes..." SHHHHHHHH! I know Microsoft makes software that runs on Apple but if you keep fighting me you won't learn the key lesson here.)

If you sell Chevys, don't drive a Ford. 

Now go forth and...Make Every Sale.