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The Secrets to Inbound Marketing Success by Angela Meharg

Automate, focus, and grow

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

Angela Meharg Went An Inch Wide and 10 Miles Deep To Riches

  • Studied music in college
  • Was using a Mac when she was 16
  • Went to coding camp at 13
  • Wanted to work for a software company
  • Got a job at Seagate Software and did tech support and they were using Crystal Reports
  • Left and became a freelance specialist and has been doing it for 20 years
  • Her former boyfriend got her the URL "Crystal Reports Goddess"
  • Got bored with her career and when she turned 40 she decided to create a business to get out from behind the computer
  • In her business class they asked "how specific can you make your offer?"
    • There's riches in niches
  • It's hard to be known for something if you're a generalist
  • The more focused she gets the more profitable and better known she becomes
  • Her first hire was a co-worker from Seagate 20 years ago
    • She just knew she needed help
    • She wasn't the perfect fit so they actually parted ways amicably after 10 months
    • It helped her define what she needed
  • Her next two were also from Seagate
    • Keith and Peter were both contractors
    • She was specific with her needs
    • Hiring and training two at the same time was effective
    • They were technical with strong customer support skills
  • She's a technician in the sense of the "E-Myth"
  • Being a control freak means she has high standards but she was her own cap on her financial goals
  • It's more leverage and more fun having a team
  • They are all remote and never meet their customers
  • Use Slack to project manage and communicate, Google Drive for file sharing, and they're looking into project management software like Priority Matrix (per Getting Things Done) and Asana
  • Certified Parnter for QCube so they get great referrals or they read her blog posts
  • Good rants drive engagement on her posts
  • Hired a naming specialist to create "Datisfy: Do what counts"
  • Get out and network at industry conferences and speak every chance you get
  • Automate. Integrate. Dominate. Invest in automation.


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