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Sean Whalen Shows How To Be a Lion Not a Sheep

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Focus on Lifestyle To Know How to Grow

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  • Multi-millionaire by his mid 20’s
  • Got divorced, lost everything, stuck his head up his ass.
  • Hired a coach and posted online about his life.
  • “Lions Not Sheep”
  • He hid from everything. He hid himself even on social media so people wouldn’t criticize him.
  • He had an incorrect vision of “success” the first time around.
    • He was grinding 20 hours a day
    • Buying Rolexes and cars and houses
    • Burned himself to the ground
    • Disconnected from his wife and family
    • Thought "One day I’ll arrive”
    • Now he built a lifestyle and a brand
    • Now he asks “does it fit my lifestyle?”
    • Gary V is leading a great conversation now. He’s encouraging people to grab life by the balls but he wouldn’t trade seats with him because of the effort they put in.

Get This To Make Every Sale

  • Get out of your lethargic state and add value, even if you’re “just an employee.”
    • Go be a super-star slinging lumber at The Home Depot or the burger joint.
    • Take a risk.
    • Take a leap.
    • We’re not getting any younger.
    • Hire a coach to get you over the hump.
    • Personal responsibility is key.
  • Understand the Law of One Degree.
    • Make small, incremental changes.
    • You’re in a habit, in a rut, with tunnel vision.
    • Look at people and see how they’re doing it
  • People aren’t afraid of success.
    • We’re all pros at failing.
    • We aren’t afraid of failure.
    • We’re afraid of the judgements of others.
  • Go tell the truth.
    • If you’re busted now and you don’t want to be busted…if you want to 2x or 5x your growth TELL. THE. TRUTH.
    • Stop suppressing your dreams.



  • The hardest question is “What do you want?” You’re fat and on anti-depressants because you’re afraid of telling the truth.
  • Teach what you know.
  • Say no to prospects that don’t fit into your model.
  • Vulnerable is not weakness.
  • He has over 300 million video views and he’s made them all with his iPhone.
  • He hired a coach because he was angry.
  • His buddy said to get out of real estate and ride the wave of his honesty and social media success.
  • He wasn’t on fire with real estate but did it because he was good at it.
  • He didn’t see himself as a coach but his friends were asking him to coach them in real estate.
  • He and Gary V thought it was presumptuous to be a coach.
  • His real estate coaching turned into personal coaching and he launched Lions, Not Sheep.
  • He started testing and experimenting and found what sold.
  • Coaches give you permission to make the moves you need to make.
  • He can’t even login to his own website.
  • He hasn’t touched his site in 18 months.
  • He just goes in the right direction.
  • Get out of the mental masturbation.
  • Ask people what they want.
  • Put a call out into the marketplace.
  • “It’s just me giving me.”
  • Tell the truth.
  • We’ve been programmed to lie.
  • The truth is deep and scary and real.
  • Tell a story. Share your story. Share your truth.
  • How are you being a good spouse or CEO or parent by lying?

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