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Scott Oldford Prints Words To Print Money

Posted by Wes Schaeffer | Jun 16, 2017 4:00:00 AM

How to prove your business model without a business plan 

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Spends between $60,000 to $100,000 per month on paid advertising
  • Tests an idea on his personal profile
  • When something resonates his head of content runs with it
  • The more content he produces the more money he makes
  • To dominate your kingdom you must serve your people
  • You enlarge your kingdom by producing more value
  • Spent $93,000 in January
  • In January 2016 he only spent $5,000
  • About $10k/mo on PR, some on YouTube, affiliate revenue, mostly Facebook now but diversifying
  • Always looking at risk mitigation
  • Three types of traffic
    • Partner
    • Paid
    • Organic
  • At 21 he was $726,000 in debt
  • Turning 26 on June 16, 2017
  • Did $500k in 6 months in 2015
  • Did a couple million in 2016
  • May hit 8-figures in 2017
  • Failed three times in a row
  • Sucked at operations and finance so it wasn't until he found a good #2 that he feels like he has something sustainable
  • If people don't have skin in the game you probably expect too much of them
  • Sold his agency to avoid bankruptcy (it was pride...he recommends sucking it up, claiming bankruptcy, and rebuilding)
  • He was cocky, naive, and (still) young
  • He hated his life but he had about $8k in monthly expenses so he started a marketing agency in 2014 and made a lot of sales
  • He moved, fired everyone, and had about three month's of savings
  • He was asked to teach someone internet marketing but he was turned off by it
  • He wrote a one-page Google Document with an outline of a course he would teach and offered to his friends at $2,000 and 24 people signed up!
  • That has now generated over $2 million in revenue
  • Lead generation fixes cash flow problems and that fixes every other problem
  • You have to be willing to break things along the way
  • Validation is grossly underestimated
  • Forget the business plan. Hustle and go get your first couple hundred thousand in sales
  • Implement and create to have an amazing life. If you're a consumer...you're screwed!
  • If you're afraid of producing content you're not learning enough
  • Spend four hours doing the four things no one can take from you
    • Health
    • Knowledge
    • Meeting new people (connecting not networking)
    • Developing an audience (produce content)
  • Now you'll become a thought-provoker and become known for it
  • He can't help people at zero anymore because he hasn't been there for so long
  • Help those just one to two steps behind you
  • Own your platform (email)
  • Build a community, an audience, a movement or you're an idiot
    • It's the way you talk with your people
    • LinkedIn group, podcast, etc
    • It's more than just a lead generation webinar that you try to pitch
    • Advocates are better than leads
  • Mitigate your risk
    • You'll lose your initial ad spend
    • Hustle to make the money to afford the ads
  • If you're making under $500k and you go to an agency you'll get screwed just because you don't have enough of a budget
  • You need to understand marketing, sales, operations, financials, culture on your team,...or you're hosed
  • If the right information is implemented properly then magic can happen


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