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See How To Do Website Tracking and Fast Lead Scoring Right: SalesWings

Intelligent Prospecting for Modern Sales & Marketing Teams

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What You'll Learn In This Episode of The CRM Sushi Podcast...

  • Philip Schweizer, Founder, and CEO, Lead Scoring & Website Tracking as-a-Service
  • Identify hot leads
    • Last Visit,
    • Total Visits
    • Lead’s Interest Summary
    • Visited Pages
    • Visit History
  • It’s painful for companies to change CRMs and marketing automation software so SalesWings integrates with your email marketing tool like
  • Connects to web forms like
    • Unbounce,
    • Instapage,
    • WordPress,
    • LeadPages,
    • NinjaForms,
    • Etc.
  • Predictive lead scoring algorithm helps with lead nurturing:
    • Hot,
    • Warm,
    • Cold
  • Uses a bit.ly link-generator to embed in your email marketing tool and the Javascript that you install on your site helps with tracking
  • Native integration with Pipedrive CRM and Salesforce
  • Zapier integration available
  • It’s not a CRM but it can run on its own. However, it’s meant to integrate with an existing CRM.
  • Connect SalesWings to your website and Outlook in 5 minutes and have tracking enabled
  • Gamification is part of SalesWings
    • Closer Stats
    • Actions Points
  • We’re in the age of notifications
    • Slack
    • Email
    • Browser
  • SalesWings helps create urgency for the salesperson
  • The sidebar opens on any page in your browser
    • Filter by leads you own
    • Hottest leads
    • Favorites
    • Etc
  • Get your 30-Day free trial of Saleswings here
    • Quarterly or annual subscription starting at $99/mo for five users  
    • Email philip@saleswingapp.com and mention The CRM Sushi Podcast for 25% off

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