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Salesforce vs Keap Support

Salesforce vs Keap Support

(Looking for additional insight in the Salesforce vs Keap debate?)

Salesforce vs Infusionsoft Support. Why pay extra?

Why does Free* Support come with that little asterisk?

When it comes to Salesforce vs Keap support, you only have to look at your credit card bill (and empty bank account) to realize Salesforce is primarily focused on supporting their shareholders instead of their end-users.

24/7 support is only free if you have the Salesforce Unlimited edition, which is $300/month/user (as of 3/31/22).

If you want to be treated like a valued client by Salesforce support you must pay at least a 15% per month penalty fee. WTH?

Does Salesforce support think we are all born with innate CRM knowledge?

Keap offers free, unlimited, 24x7 support for any and all editions they provide:

  • Keap Free
    • 1 User
    • 100 Contacts (Add more contacts as you grow. Only pay for what you need.)
  • Keap Lite
    • 1 User 
    • 500 Contacts (Add more contacts as you grow. Only pay for what you need.)
    • Unlimited emails per month
  • Keap Pro
    • 2 Users (Additional users are just $29/mo)
    • 1,500 Contacts
    • Unlimited emails per month
  • Max
    • 3 Users
    • 2,500 Contacts
    • Unlimited emails per month
Salesforce vs Infusionsoft Support Chat

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and motivated sales professionals don't need another static Rolodex posing as an online CRM that forces them to buy a manual or read some online self-help guide or pay extra to Salesforce or some Salesforce consultant to figure things out.

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Salesforce vs Keap Pricing

As an added bonus, Keap doesn't lock you into a contract as the Salesforce pricing model does.

Salesforce (force is a good word) forces you into pre-paying for an entire year! (That's great for shareholders but rough on small businesses.)

Once you're locked in and realize you need help to get the most out of the Salesforce CRM, you must either pay the 15% support premium or buy a book or retain a Salesforce consultant...or all of the above.

Keap, in stark contrast to the "golden handcuff" pricing model of Salesforce, provides an initial setup with 1:1 coaching so you can hit the ground running for just $499.

What does it mean to "hit the ground running with Keap" with your initial setup? How about:

  • Send thousands of emails right away to motivate and inspire your people to buy from you?
  • Setup your eCommerce platform and process thousands of dollars in sales right away?
  • Launch your affiliate module and have dozens—or even hundreds—of people who know, like, and trust you spreading the word about you and driving sales for you and commission for themselves?
  • And a whole lot more?

Still have questions on Salesforce vs. Keap?

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