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Salesforce vs Infusionsoft as a Small Business CRM In 2021

Salesforce vs Infusionsoft in 2021

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Is Salesforce.com really a viable platform for a small business CRM?

What does a small business—any business for that matter—need now?


Not software.

Not a repository of information.

Not an online calendar.

Not an online task tracking and generating platform.

Not a 2 hour to 48 hour email "support" process.



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And where do sales come from?

  • Advertising and marketing.
  • Building large, targeted lists.
  • Joint venture and affiliate partners.
  • Buzz creation.
  • Generating word of mouth referrals.

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Sales Grow From Systems and Automation

How do you do all of the above?

You advertise and market creatively and consistently and you offer something of value to your prospects in return for them giving you their information.

You then communicate with them in a manner and with a tone they desire so a relationship and trust is built and forged and crafted over a period of days or even months.

But as a business owner you don't get paid to educate.

So you MUST be able to do all of this automatically.

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That's where I think Salesforce.com misses the mark for the small business crm market.

Salesforce.com 2021 Pricing (Sales Cloud)

As of Oct 2020, Salesforce.com offers the following pricing:

  • Salesforce Essentials, "our all-in-one sales and support app." (Billed annually. In other words it's $300 up front for the year or $360/year/user if you pay monthly but it's still an annual contract.)
    • Run away from this.
    • In 2008 I found Infusionsoft and they promoted themselves as an "all-in-one" solution. Learn from their mistake. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ALL-IN-ONE-SOLUTION.
    • Here are the Salesforce Gotchas:
      • Only one list.
      • On the Salesforce site they say "Lists are an easy way to keep track of your opportunities, deals, customers, or other processes."
      • What does it cost you if you have the four lists they mention? 
    • CRM for up to 5 users
    • Billed Annually so pay $1,500 up front and hope this is the right platform for your company of five users for the year
  • Salesforce Lightning Platform Plus: "Digitize business processes for any department." (These friggin names change every year! AHHHHHH!)
    • So they admit that the Lightning Platform Starter edition is incomplete.
    • Also billed annually at $100/USD/user/month so for five users you're at $500/mo with a one year contract
    • No mass email, which means you have to pay for another platform and integrate it, i.e. more costs and potential for lost data, time, and sales
  • Salesforce Lightning Enterprise (Most Popular) "Deeply customizable sales CRM for your business"
    • So for $150/USD/user/month (billed annually) you can finally make this CRM your own by customizing it! That's $750/mo for five users FOR A YEAR to have a CRM you can "deeply customize."
    • Do you want to pay $9,000 per year to be able to customize your CRM and yet you still can't do bulk emails, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, or sales and marketing automation?
  • Lighting Platform Unlimited used to be "Unlimited CRM power and support." Now it's "Transform app dev for entire organization."
    • Now you must request a quote.
    • It used to be $1,500/USD/user/month for your five users you can FINALLY get phone support! So hand over $18,000 for a one year contract and someone at Salesforce will finally speak to you and your other four users.
    • That IS NOT what small business owners need to grow sales

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Salesforce.com lets you "kind of" capture web leads, but it's REALLY limited.

Salesforce.com lets you "kind of" send mass emails, but it's REALLY limited.

But Salesforce.com doesn't help you with eCommerce and you can't do drip campaigns or nurture sequences that are triggered and run automatically when certain events occur.

If you want to do that you must go to the Salesforce.com AppExchange and bolt on a product like Exact Target or Vertical Response.

These type of bolt-ons are what my prospect described the other day as...

Salesforce.com's never-ending-tack-on-expenses."

He said that because each one adds another $20 to $100 to $500/mo or more depending on the size of your list, the number of products you sell, etc.

Besides the money, though, you're having to learn and integrate another system, which is EXACTLY what you do not want or need to do as a small business owner.

You need sales.

Keap & Infusionsoft 2021 Pricing

As of October 2020, Keap has simplified their pricing.

Infusionsoft has done away with Essentials, Deluxe, Complete, and Team.

Keap/Infusionsoft offers free, unlimited, 24x7 support for any and all editions they provide:

  • Keap Grow
    • 1 User (Additional users are just $29/mo on all plans.)
    • 500 Contacts (Add more contacts as you grow. Only pay for what you need.)
    • Unlimited emails per month
  • Keap Pro
    • 1 User
    • 500 Contacts
    • Unlimited emails per month
  • Infusionsoft
    • 1 User
    • 500 Contacts
    • Unlimited emails per month

Phone and chat support comes with Keap at no extra charge.

Phone and chat support comes with all editions of Infusionsoft at no extra charge.

All Infusionsoft editions may also be purchased on a month-to-month basis.

Salesforce.com Knows CRMs Are Dead

Salesforce was early to market in the online CRM SaaS space and evolved to become the 800 pound gorilla in the space.

This has helped them become the Kleenex or Coke of their market segment...but small businesses are not buying a one cent tissue or 50 cent soda to be consumed and immediately thrown away.

You're buying a tool—a platform—that will become the engine of your business.

Like your car's engine, it's useless to a commuter or a soccer mom without a gas tank, a transmission, a steering wheel, comfy seats, and an entertainment system for the kids, which is why Salesforce is moving beyond the CRM.

As I linked to above, Salesforce vs Infusionsoft: After The ExactTarget Purchase, Salesforce is trying to move into email marketing and marketing automation to address the evolving market.

Sure, Salesforce is probably the best, shiniest filing cabinet on the market today.

They make nice pie charts and bar graphs and are the go-to CRM for Fortune 500 companies that have the size and scope, budget and staff to run such a massive platform.

But buying a pretty filing cabinet just because Apple or Ford might use it is not only foolish, it could put your small business out of business.

Infusionsoft Knows Sales and Marketing Automation Is The Name of The Game

The internet never sleeps.

Your competition is no longer the guy in the strip center across the street or the gal across town.

With smart marketing, relevant content, and timely delivery of targeted information at the moment of relevance, you can now compete with the provider across the country and across the ocean...but you need more than a pie-chart-creating CRM with expensive support and annual contracts.

You need web forms that segment your visitors into leads that you capture 24/7, automatically, and predictably.

You need to track the actions—or inaction—of your leads to turn them into prospects.

You need to schedule and send appropriate information—including calls, text messages, direct mail, and even faxes—to those prospects to move them through your sales pipeline.

You need online order forms and shopping carts to make sales while you sleep.

You need affiliate marketing that helps your biggest fans and supporters promote you and get paid for their efforts...but only after they generate the sale.

You need support on Friday night and Saturday morning and Sunday before your big launch on Monday and you don't need to spend extra for that support.

That's why, if you're even considering the question of "Salesforce vs Infusionsoft," I'd say you need Infusionsoft.

If you still have questions about ordering the right CRM for you, take the Best CRM For Me survey for free here.


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In the on-going question of Infusionsoft vs Salesforce, why are so many business owners leaving Salesforce to automate their business with Infusionsoft?

So they can automate their business...among other reasons.

Salesforce vs Infusionsoft Infographic,salesforce,Infusionsoft,professional sales training, Infusionsoft support Salesforce vs Infusionsoft Infographic

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Market like you mean it.
Now go sell something.