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Do Less Work and More Sales With Salesflare on The CRM Sushi Podcast


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What You'll Learn In This Episode of The CRM Sushi Podcast...

  • Not always easy to invent and design says Jeroen Corthout, CEO
  • Likes building things for that sense of ownership
  • April 2014 had the idea
  • Had to find a good name: SalesFlare
  • Less work, more sales. A simple yet powerful CRM for small businesses selling B2B.
  • Didn't think about building a CRM
  • CRMs are broken
  • They take a lot of work to use
Which CRM Is Right For You?
  • People don't like Salesforce
  • It's not built for follow-up
  • It's not built for the enduser
  • Salesforce is built for management
  • Most CRMs require data duplication
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Calendar
  • He had a business intelligence business
  • He wanted a system to help him stay up to date instead of keeping the system up to date
  • Saw how MailChimp worked and provided feedback and it was interesting
  • Liked how marketers could measure everything but salespeople couldn't do it easily
  • Bigger companies weren't interested because they thought it was two databases
  • SMB users are looking for a practical CRM
  • It can replace Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Data automation is key
  • Built an investor deck
  • Built a prototype
  • No real development for several months
  • Kima Ventures funded deals fast
  • Incubator in June then an accelerator in September
  • Shifted from large businesses to the SMB space
  • Late 2015 landed first CRM customer who replaced Microsoft Dynamics
  • Pulls data from FullContact
  • Syncs calls from Android
  • Tracks emails
  • When meetings are created SalesFlare pulls in that info from your calendar
  • Notifications
  •  Tasks
    • Today
    • Upcoming
    • Completed
    • Overdue
    • Suggested
      • Inactive
      • Add meeting notes
      • Reply to emails
      • They are automatically completed when the actions are taken
  • Pipelines
    • Multiple can be created
    • Drag & Drop stages
    • Set colors on stages
    • Logos added
    • Advanced filtering
  • Workflows
    • Email until they open or engage
    • Sent as personal email (remove the unsubscribe button)
    • Merge fields to personalize
  • Insights (Dashboard)
    • Revenue
    • Avg Sales Cycle
    • Avg Value
    • Won
    • New
    • Expected
    • Comparison
    • Top Earning Accounts
    • Top Lead Scores
    • Top Lost Reasons
    • Funnel Analysis
    • Team Metrics
    • Review by time in the past
  • Setup guide during trial
    • 12 steps
    • Complete them all to extend your free trial
  • Settings
    • Configure pipelines
    • Billing
    • Customize fields
    • Task settings
    • Notification settings
    • Email settings
    • Calendar settings
    • Applications & integrations
    • Import data
    • API keys
    • Use PieSync or Zapier for 2-way contact synchronization
    • Zapier templates available

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