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See How Sales Message Is Like 'Gmail For Text Messaging' on The CRM Sushi Podcast

Two-Way Business Text Messaging For Teams

"It's like Gmail for text messaging."

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What You'll Learn In This Episode of The CRM Sushi Podcast...

  • Co-founder of CallLoop—bulk one-way SMS
  • People wanted 2-way conversations via text with a local phone number
    • Colleges market to millenials.
    • HVAC companies.
    • Insurance agent is killing it with no CRM and is having two way SMS conversations
    • Transportation company has three sales guys and his best is just texting with his personal cell phone. (Great for the salesperson but bad for the owner / manager who needs to keep all records inside his own platform.)
    • His buddy sells cars and he doesn’t call people. He just texts them. These are all opt-ins.
    • Water purification system uses HubSpot and is doing well.
    • Infusionsoft sales rep hit Chris up on the last day of the month via text to make a sale.
  • Works through Infusionsoft
  • CallLoop is shortcode—one way—not great for conversations
  • HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Marketo, Infusionsoft with Zoho and Salesforce coming soon as well as Zapier.  
  • Automate your pipeline and follow-up with multi-step, multi-media.
  • No integration with Google Voice so that limits you.
  • Financial services companies need historical records to be in compliance. (Anchor is audio for Twitter but it takes time to listen.)
  • It’s like Facebook Messenger or Slack.
  • Add contacts one-by-one.
  • Add merge fields in the app or from your CRM.
  • Profile enrichment coming in Q2/17 by looking up their cell phone.
  • Real time chats.
  • Canned responses coming.
  • Invite users and set permissions.
  • Workflows—integrate it with your CRM or marketing automation platform. (HTTP Post in Infusionsoft or Webhooks with HubSpot)
  • Rotate leads in HubSpot or Round Robin with Infusionsoft.
  • Nathan has 40 trainers at four gyms in Ohio and needs customized messaging.
    • Congratulate the client for checking in 10 times.
    • Call forwarding will send it to your cell phone or anywhere else.
    • Book Appointment: Apple, Google, Outlook, Yahoo, HubSpot Pricing like Twillio
  • $10/seat/mo or $100/seat/year + 1.5 cents per text, 3 cents per picture Port in your numbers.

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