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The Ideal Sales Process Includes a Sales Agenda to Make Every Sale

 Why do so many sales trainers still teach

  • the hard close;
  • overcoming objections;
  • manipulation techniques;
  • you "gotta get five no's before you get to yes!"

...and similar closing games?

Because it's "macho," "cool," and "impressive" to the old school, good ol' boys who think "shutting 'em down" and "killin' the room" is what sales is all about.

Rare is the one who can

  • open elegantly,
  • go deep into the true needs of the prospect quickly,
  • predict objections and address them before they arise,
  • listen instead of prattle on, and
  • gain commitment from the prospect about the next steps in every meeting.

When you follow a professional sales process and are efficient with your words and actions, you are efficient with your business, which not only helps you grow, it helps your customers as well.

When you are unclear as to why you are meeting, the benefits of your offering, the benefits of choosing you vs. every other option your prospect has, and you are unclear as to the next steps, you end up with...

  • more loose ends,
  • more questions that need to be answered,
  • more reassurances that must be made, 
  • more calls, webinars, conference calls, meetings, and emails, which result in...
...You needing to spend more time in your business and/or you needing more help to keep all of those plates spinning, which means you make less money.

Crazy, isn't it?

The #1 of the 7 Deadly Sins of Selling

Shooting from the hip is the way of the amateur.

New Call-to-action

Hope is not a sales strategy.

When you gamble with your marketing and sales processes, you are gambling with your livelihood.

Because you are leaving things to chance

  • you must make more follow-up calls,
  • you are shunted down to the tire-kickers and analyticals in the company who can only say "NO" instead of the decision makers who can say "YES,"
  • your meetings are cut short before you've gotten to the heart of the matter,
  • your meetings drag on because you think the longer they let you drone on the more they must like you and want to buy from you,
  • your meetings drag on because your prospects are manipulating you to get free consulting,

It doesn't have to be that way.

While there are countless nuances and subtleties to master when dealing with interpersonal relationships, there is a surefire way to take and remain in control of every sales call you ever make with any qualified prospect.

I've used this exact process since 2006 to close $635,000 in training contracts with Dell, 7-figure hardware deals with Google, and over 500 software and consulting contracts.

Having an agenda for my sales calls has made all the difference in the world.

You can get yours below at no charge. 

How To Control Every Sale

All I ask is that when you use it and succeed with it that you please let me know of your success.

Fair enough?

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