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Ryan Michler Got His House In Order of Man via Personal Responsibility

How personal responsibility helped this man go from taking orders to the Order of Man 

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Self-discipline Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Personal responsibility is the key to success in life
  • People allow excuses to slow them down
  • People allow themselves to become victims
  • He grew up without a father and floundered
  • He and his wife "called it quits" four years into their marriage...but they fought for their marriage and are now celebrating 13 years
  • Was in Ramadi, Iraq, from 2005-2006 and got into financial planning for about 9 years
  • Still has that practice that he started about three years ago...but he always felt out of place in that field
  • Now his wife notices that he is more present with his clients than when he started out on his own
  • He walked away from six figures of golden handcuffs
  • Immediately started making more money
  • Started Order of Man two years ago
  • He started "Wealth Anatomy" podcast as a financial advisor
  • About 20 episodes in, he realized he loved the medium but wanted to expand the conversation beyond the financial industry
  • He just shifted and renamed the podcast
  • He went to a men's style conference
  • He had "low expectations" with the new podcast. He had a successful financial planning business and just wanted to do his own thing.
  • Reached out to guests with bigger tribes, and the show grew
  • After 8-9 months of doing this as a hobby, his wife came to him and saw his energy, but he was spending a lot of time on it at the expense of his financial business
  • Launched the "Iron Council" in Nov 2015 and made $1,000...but grew it from there
  • Jan 2016, it really took off
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  • Started as a 12-week course with 12 men.
    • He just took action.
    • The lack of details and specifics didn't hold him back.
    • Created a private Facebook Group
    • Created weekly assignments for the members
  • Has a Closed but free Facebook Group and had about 1,000 members and promoted the course to them
  • Still has 7 of the first 12 in the group 18 months later
  • Still experiments with his content sharing...focus on the end result, and enjoy the journey
  • Starts with his private group and opens the conversation to his personal profile
  • Facebook will suggest Groups, and that is helping him gain 150-200 member requests per day
  • He mentioned the group on his podcast for 7-8 months, and that helped him get those first 1,000 members
  • Why have a closed group on Facebook vs. allowing anyone to join, including women?
  • He's not taking on new financial clients...but he's getting more and more referrals
  • Stop looking for the easy button
  • Why you need to plant your flag
  • Six months into their marriage, he was deployed for 18 months, and it was hard
  • Maybe six months after their first child was born, he lost his way
  • He blamed her for their issues...
  • They were separated for about three months when he realized he had to work on himself
    • Money
    • Health
    • Self
  • She responded to his positive growth and taking ownership
  • You have it in you to overcome adversity

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