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Rohan Kale Gets You 49% More Business With Animated Video

Posted by Wes Schaeffer | Oct 9, 2017 4:00:00 AM

Get 49% more annual revenue than your competitors

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  • From India living in Germany
  • Was not satistied but was young
  • Lost all of his money gambling by age 20
  • Got a student loan and moved to Germany
  • He did not know German but he did know English
  • Completed his Masters and got a job at Daimler and within two years he was able to pay off his debt
  • But he wanted to do something on his own for himself
  • The 49% growth came from split testing landing pages with and without video
  • Animated videos and explainer videos as well as FAQ videos
  • He's against the whiteboard videos
    • These are okay for explainer videos
  • He prefers motion graphics and full color videos
  • Rohan Kale is self-taught
  • Learned from independent contractors in Asia to keep costs down
  • If you are a personal brand you need to be on screen vs. using an animated video
  • If you have a certain process you can use explainer videos
  • The script is the heart of the process
    • 60-90 seconds (150-225 words)
    • Punchline / hook
    • State a couple of problems
    • Introduce the solution
    • Link yourself as the solution
    • Include some credibility triggers
    • Leverage third party references as a credibilty trigger if you are new
    • Call-to-Action
  • The storyboard is next (Camtasia is a video tool)
    • Shows the graphics that will go along with the script
    • Pixabay has free graphics
    • Canva enables you to edit those graphics
    • Audio Jungle for affordable music
  • Make a simple PowerPoint presentation
  • Then do your voiceover
  • Make sure the images flow
  • There  can never be too much video
  • Use captions for Facebook video ads
    • They need to be 15-20 seconds, 30 seconds max
  • He uses YouTube a lot but Wistia helps you with testing for new videos
  • You need to be doing Facebook Live if you are a personal brand 3-4 times per week
  • 20% creation and 80% distribution
  • He is getting thousands of views by posting on LinkedIn
  • Now LinkedIn has video
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