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From The NFL to Writing Oh So Well, Meet Rick Elmore

The power of timely, relevant, consistent outbound marketing



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • No background in his business.
  • Didn't come from money.
  • Athlete in his younger days.
  • School was not easy for him.
  • Drive, want, and work ethic helped him succeed.
  • Played three years in the NFL.

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  • Athletes don't appreciate how well they are prepared for the business world.
  • You can reinvent yourself.
  • Success is often hard.
  • Life is a team sport.
  • Got into medical device sales.
  • He knew nothing about sales, marketing, etc.
  • He asked a lot of dumb questions.


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  • Rookie of the Year at Stryker.
  • There are no dumb questions.
Work for the job you want."
  • Just put in the effort.
  • He's an introvert.
  • His clients—doctors—wanted to have four-hour dinners, eating, drinking, and talking.
  • It wore him out.
  • His managers were always traveling and divorced.
  • Got his MBA.
  • Felt stuck.
  • A year into his MBA, his marketing professor was going over statistics of what worked, and it was hand-written notes.
  • It was obvious, "But who has the time to write a bunch of notes?"
  • He has no experience in robotics, no funding, no nothing.
  • He built his own handwriting robot, engine, and technology.
  • All self-funded.
  • Started with a $10,000, 0% interest rate credit card.
  • Bought a cheap pen plotter, but it wasn't high quality.
  • Uses machine learning to learn how you write.
  • Took almost four years to get to the point where "I wasn't losing sleep every night."
  • The barrier to entry is in the millions.
  • His platform helps you integrate and automate.
  • Timely, consistent, relevant communication is key.
  • We're all too busy.
  • You have to let go of some responsibilities.
  • Get out of the day-to-day grind.
  • He never knew about VAs until he got into this.
  • A VA could've saved him 10 hours a week as a sales rep.
  • The early pen plotters were bad...quality...belt-driven...out of calibration.
  • He built a $300 website.
  • Ignorance is bliss...he had no idea how much this would cost.
  • He cold-called and networked and did solution selling.
  • Become an efficient, creative, resourceful problem solver.
  • Had production issues...there were no paper feeds.
  • Others use third-party plugins, so they have no native tools or machine learning.
  • Fortune 500 companies need real technology.
  • After losing these big orders, he had to dig in.
  • "If I build it, they will come."
  • He created a great product after many years.
  • You have to want to win as much as you want to breathe.
  • Test. Test. Test...before you shoot your shot.
  • Worked 24/7.
  • His machines were quoted at 4-6 months, and it took over three years.
  • Open API + Zapier and some online automations + some white label options.
  • Lots of real estate people and politicians can just upload a list and let them run.
  • Uses blue ink by default.
  • People have lost the ability to think.
  • It will soon farm zip codes and pull lists for you.
  • Property Radar to Zapier for real estate.
  • The tools are prebuilt to solve the problem.


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