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Rhonda Britten Overcomes Suicide and Shares How To Get On Oprah and Win Emmy Awards


About Today's Guest on The Sales Podcast

Rhonda Britten "Starting Over" was 14 years old when she witnessed her father shoot her mother then himself. But her father almost killed her if her mother had not intervened. She carried the guilt of "could I have done more" for 20 years. After attempting suicide three times and living a life of misery she realized "nobody is coming to save me...I have to figure this out myself."

Hear how Rhonda turned her misery into her ministry to create a life-changing show, win an Emmy, appear on Oprah and speak to thousands around the world.

Rubber-Meets-The-Road Sales Tip

  • Rhonda wants to support people and understand how fear works.
  • After overcoming her own fear and doubt she went from a one-person shop to speaking to holding workshops in her living room to speaking to 2,000 people and making big books.
  • Her first book lead to her first TV show - first life coach on TV. In the UK “Help Me Rhonda.”
  • "Starting Over" was looking for a life coach and became the first life coach on TV in the US every day for three years helping women.

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  • Got the largest advance for a Self-help from Penguin (over $200,000.)
  • Wants to support people and understand how fear works.
  • She wanted to expand her message and got on TV. Her inspiration kept her going.
  • She doesn’t see “no.”
  • So she got to do new things.
  • Say yes and figure out how.
  • Just show up and speak as yourself.

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  • Most people don’t know what their problem is.
  • She starts her talks with “I bet you don’t talk about fear.” Few talk about that in their everyday lives.
  • Most say “I’m worried” or “overwhelmed” or “I’m a procrastinator” or “I’m a perfectionist.”
  • How you describe your life tells her if you’re operating from fear or freedom.
  • Then people think “I shouldn’t have any fear,” but that’s a lie.

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  • Fear is part of the process of making decisions. It’s part of our makeup and DNA.
  • “NEVER FEEL FEAR AGAIN!” is hype.
  • Stretch / Risk / Die.
  • If you believe you shouldn’t feel fear, that’s a problem.
  • With no fear you’re not being pushed.
  • However you describe your fear of “not being good enough” tells you where to address your change and growth.
  • Fear becomes an ally but you have to work it and frame it.
  • Get the right mindset. How do you see the world?
  • The wheel of fear and the fear of freedom.
  • Fear is normal and natural, but maintain it and control it and limit it. Use it as feedback and guidance.
  • Many fears are inherited.

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  • It is irrelevant why you have a fear. It’s not formed by one event. It’s formed over time. You may have a fear of rejection and think it’s because of the girlfriend that rejected you. If that’s easy for you, fine. But there is more to it than that.
  • Just do it. There is some truth to that, but many people have heard those cliches and couldn’t just do it. They couldn’t “feel the fear and do it anyway.” They literally feel like they will die if they do it.
  • We have really one core fear. It’s like a rose bush: the root is the fear that feeds and nurtures and produces different flowers or ways of expressing itself.
  • All of the manifestations come from the core fear.
  • When you barrel through without understanding you’ll hit the wall eventually.
  • Willpower has its limits.
  • When you get to rock bottom you’ve been trying to make do and make it happen but you’re doing it from a fear perspective. You’ve been in crisis mode for awhile, which is really just stress. Stress is just unaware of the fear feeling moving through you. Then you realize your strategies didn’t work so you have to address the issue and change your mindset and your funnel of processing information and change them fundamentally.
  • Sales is the dance between fear and freedom.
  • When you understand this you’ll understand how your prospects are acting and what their fears are so you can shift your dialogue to support them and sooth them to bring about the sale.

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  • People don’t buy because of fear.
  • Money and time issues are all based on fear.
  • It’s tricky. Insidious. It takes everything you know and uses it against you.
  • Mastering fear is Rhonda Britten's specialty. Buy her books and get her free videos below.

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  • Have your coaches and trainers lived it?
  • An intellectual approach cannot change a visceral problem.
  • Your coaches must embody their lessons.
  • Everything you’ve done to this point is fodder for your future, for your mission, for your evolution of your vision of your life.
  • Her 20 years of waitressing helped her learn how to read people.
  • God gave you free will. You have to make the decision to improve and change and grow

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