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Responsive Web Design: Why This Is a Key Inbound Marketing Strategy

Responsive Design is nothing new.

It has literally been a thing since at least 2012, and with more people accessing the internet, i.e., your website, via mobile devices, responsive design is a must in 2022 to turn your visitors into buyers.

So you might be saying, "I already have a mobile website." or "Pshh, it's another way for YOU web guys to make another buck off my hard work."

Responsive Web Design is not just another tool or plugin.

It's a must today.

Since around 2013, PC sales have been declining, while tablets and smartphone sales continue to climb.


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Now let's consider a couple of real-world situations to see why responsive design is so important.

Scenario 1:

A prospect is at work and takes his 15-minute break to find out the wife just sent him a surprising text that they need someone who provides the services that you offer.

He goes to his smartphone and requests a Google Search for a familiar keyword that relates to your industry and location. He sees your website link first (because you have invested in SEO or PPC) and clicks on your website.

Well dagnabit!

He can't read the small print on your antiquated website and he doesn't have time to fool with it. (Remember he has a 15-minute break and wants to check out the latest on the Golf Report for tomorrow) so he goes back to Google and clicks the next link which is a responsive site.

He ends up calling that business owner cause he can clearly view that the business can provide the service needed.

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Scenario 2:

A woman is out with a friend for coffee. She remembers she needs to hire someone who does what you do. She jumps on her iPad while her friend takes a phone call and she looks on Google for those who offer your type of services.

You happen to be the second link she clicks on.

She finds your site built with a Responsive web design so it fits her iPad perfectly. Your website is cosmetically appealing and she finds all the information she is looking for to make sure you are legitimate.

She calls you and requests a quote.

Now, are these two scenarios reliable?


While there are a thousand and one ways people can stumble across your site, the main thing is that you need to both easy to find and easy to read and engage with.

We are impatient, judgmental creatures.

Your website is your storefront and it better be open 24/7, and easy to access on any device.

How you apply or don't apply Responsive Web Design to your site will make or break you.

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