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Responsive Web Design: Why This Is a Key Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Responsive Design is nothing terribly new. I mean it's new but it's been around awhile, so you should of heard about it by now. So, why should you read past these three sentences. Simple: Responsive design will be the item that will make 2013 a easy road for your online traffic to turn into buyers.

So you might be saying, "I already have a mobile website." or " Pshh, it's another way for YOU web guys to make another buck off my hard work."

Responsive Web Design is not just another tool or plugin. It's a way to make your website look like a 2013 Ferrari F430 while your competitors are driving a 91' Mazada 626 with the 3rd gear grinding as it back fires. Yeah, that's right I compared your non-responsive website to a 91' Mazada 626 that has 200k plus on the dash.

Okay, enough the fun and games. Even though it's pretty much a perfect analogy. Let's get into why Responsive Design is important now and for the future. For the first time since 2001, PC sales are projecting to be lower than the year before. Do I need to mention tablets are expected to be over 100 million sold this year? Finally, Smartphones are almost in everyone's hands and increasing by each day over feature phones.

Start Your ABCs

Now take all that data that I found on Mashable's explanation of Responsive design and calculate the number of users that will be reviewing your website through an iPhone, Andriod, Tablet, or iPad. Finished calculating yet? I know the number for my customers is about to take a switch from 40% to a whopping 60%. I have done the math from many of my client's Google analytics and most of the their visitors double each month from a smartphone or a type of tablet .

Now let me paint the picture that I hope seals the deal on why Responsive Web Design became the best thing for your inbound marketing strategy in 2013 and even in 2018 it is a must.

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Scenario 1:

A man is at work. Takes his 15 minute break to find out the wife just sent him a surprising text that they need your services that you provide.

He goes to his smartphone and requests a Google Search for a familiar keyword that relates to your industry and location. He sees your website link first (because you have invested in SEO or PPC) and clicks on your website.

Well, sure enough he can't read the small print from your basic website and doesn't have time to fool with it. (Remember he has a 15 minute break and wants to check out the latest on the Golf Report for tomorrow) so he goes back to Google and clicks the next link which is a responsive site.

He ends up calling that business owner cause he can clearly view that the business can provide the service needed.

Become One of The 5

Scenario 2:

A woman is out with a friend for coffee. She remembers she needs to hire a ( your type of company). She jumps on her iPad while here friend takes a phone call and she looks on Google for (your type of services).

You happen to be the second link clicks on. She finds your site built with Responsive web design so it fits her iPad exactly. Your website is cosmetically appealing to her and she finds out all the information she is looking for to make sure you are legitimate.

She calls you and requests a quote.

Now are these two scenarios reliable?


I could of wrote them a million different ways. The fact is human beings in this century want it to be easy and appealing to the eye. Your website is your store front and it's open 24/7. How you apply or don't apply Responsive Web Design to your site will make or break you.

Whether you are providing Murrieta Weight Loss solutions or you are the biggest company in your industry, Responsive Web Design is a must.

Guest Post Written By: Kurtis Gilbreth

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