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Great Sales Managers Focus on Results Instead of Hours, Rene Zamora

The 5 Pillars to Magical Sales Management 

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Tweak the minds of business owners...without them knowing what's happening
  • Want to grow sales
  • Want relief from their sales crews
  • Small businesses don't have big enough teams to warrant a full-time sales manager
  • He takes accountability for the sales goal
  • He makes himself available
  • Updates the leadership
  • Your team should grow

Eat This To Sell More

It's not about hours, it's about results."
  • Systems, processes, structure are needed
  • He's a long-term sales manager for hire with an average of 4.5 years
  • Remote coaching with on-sites as needed
  • It's not about hours, it's about results
  • Seasoned salespeople don't need mother hens
  • They need expert sales leadership to remove obstacles
  • Good communication skills fix most issues
  • Salespeople feel unheard
  • The benefits of part-time sales management
  • Create a clear job description for your outsourced sales manager
  • The 5 pillars
    • Believe in the salespeople
    • Create clear expectations
    • Create a system of accountability
    • Hold regular meetings
    • Engaging conversations
  • Most new prospects never had a sales manager
  • Turnover is usually low
  • Set proper expectations
  • Create progress without disruption

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