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Meet Copywriting Dojo Founder Raf Marabut

Get your copywriting done right with fees that aren't out of sight 

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Four years as a direct response copywriter
  • They are taught English from grade school
  • 4,300 members in his Facebook group for copywriters
  • Worked for a digital marketing ad agency
  • The concept of direct response copywriting was new to him. Most were accustomed to writing ads and slogans.
  • Now he coaches and mentors and teaches copywriter
  • His friend is an attorney and thought he was doing "copy rights!"
  • Direct response copywriting is all about selling via the written word
  • You run an ad to a page and you expect them to buy as soon as they read the page. It's more measurable and convenient for businesses looking to grow sales quickly.
  • Copywriting is a deep rabbit hole
  • Start with templates and frameworks to begin then break the rules to apply the art once you are familiar with the "rules" to find your own style
  • The formulas do work but as Eugene Schwartz says "Formulas work once." He's a bit on the advanced side.
  • Gary Halbert is a great place to start. 
  • Formulas
    • AIDA
    • PAS
    • Viking Velociraptor
      • Verify something the audience has seen or thought
      • Validate the way they feel about it
      • Vantage 
      • Share common Values
      • Point out a Villain you help them "stick it to"
  • Templates
    • Sales letters
    • 21 Step Perry Belcher
  • "Knowledge without action is still inaction."
  • Start writing to get better at writing
    • Social media posts
    • Emails
    • Look for engagement
  • Look for swipe files
  • Start small
  • Understand that rejection is part of business growth

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