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Plan Social Media Content Like a Pro With Planable

Collaborate Clearly and Consistently

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Inbound Marketing Tips You'll Learn In This Episode of The CRM Sushi Podcast...

  • Struggled with content creation for clients
  • Created content in Google Docs and spreadsheets but had to wait for the clients to approve
  • Created multiple Facebook Groups
  • Created PowerPoints, Email, Air Table, etc.
  • Created fake Facebook Pages to see how the content would appear
    • Links
    • Meta data
    • Video sizes
  • It was a mess!
  • Collaboration is the key to great content
  • Dashboards have workspaces
  • Each is unique for the social media platform
  • Filter by categories
  • Internal notes
  • Resolve issues
  • Client approves
  • Facebook
    • Repost
    • Save as Draft to Facebook
    • Save as Ad to Facebook (in draft mode)
  • Calendar view
    • Like Tweet Deck
    • Drag and Drop to reschedule/repost
  • It's not a social media management platform
  • It's a content-planning & collaboration platform
  • Views
    • List
    • Grid
  • Manage teams and permissions
  • Track Activity
    • Restore and republish
  • Set Preferred Audiences and Emojis

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