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Paying Multiple Staff With Infusionsoft Referral Partner Program

Tracking Referral Fees and Commissions Inside Infusionsoft

One time I had an Infusionsoft client that wanted to pay his salespeople 10% per sale and his manager and marketing director 1% on each sale.

As we noodled the best way to go about doing this we came up with this little setup.

Create each of your salespeople as separate Referral Partners.

Set Parent so the Parent receives the Level 1 commission and the new Referral Partner receives the Level 2 commission.

Leave Credit Window blank so cookies don't expire.

Add your Marketing Director as a Referral Partner.

Use a Web Form for each Sales Manager that creates the salesperson as the Referral Partner with the Marketing Director as the Parent of the Sales Manager and with the Sales Manager being created as the Parent of the new salesperson/Referral Partner.

You can import a list of contacts as Referral Partners

Conversely, you could create custom Usernames in Excel.

Export your list into a .CSV file in Excel with the first name and last name in separate columns titled First and Last.

In the next column place the letter "a" (for Affiliate. I'm old school and still think of Referral Partners as Affiliates.)

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