Master The 6 Persuasion Power Levers With NLP & BJJ Paul Mascetta

Use the Trifecta of Power To Perfect Your Persuasion 



Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Six persuasion power levers
  • 15 years in marketing
  • Self-improvement junkie
  • His friend needed a copywriter but didn't have money for a "real" one
  • His business took off and his writing business income surpassed his day job
  • Studied sales, psychology, NLP, persuasion
  • Turned those into sales courses
  • 50 training offerings now
  • Trained over 10,000 people now


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  • Awareness
    • Align with their beliefs, thoughts, values
    • Context, Environment, Circumstance
  • Authenticity
  • Authority
    • "Influence" by Robert Cialdini
    • People perceive who you are and you can control that
  • Aptitude
  • Adaptability
  • Articulateness
  • Handling imposter syndrome
    • You grow into your position if you put into the work
    • Your attitude determines your altitude
    • Lie to yourself if your pessimism gets too loud
    • Say a little prayer and repeat positive affirmations
  • The Trifecta of Power

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