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Optimism + Open Communication = Opportunity

Who enjoys being around pessimists? 

Pessimists are

  • Negative.
  • Closed-minded.
  • Hard-headed.
  • Hard-of-hearing.
  • Hard-at-work on "making something, anything happen" because they missed the opportunities that abound because they were too jaded to take a moment to listen.

All arguments, fights, disagreements, lawsuits, angry texts, bitter emails, divorces, scandals and wars stem from miscommunication.

Miscommunication happens because someone refuses to listen or someone refuses to communicate in a manner that will be most conducive to being heard and understood.

If I cannot communicate my opportunity to you, and if you are not willing to listen to my opportunity, we both lose.

So do our potential clients...and their current clients...and their potential future clients...and the world.

The Good Book tells us 365 times to not worry or fear or be afraid or be anxious. (That's just a coincidence, right? 365 days in a year and 365 lessons...?)

So don't take my word for it. Just heed the lessons from the Bible.

To be successful be in the moment.

Be present.

Be happy.

Be optimistic.

Become One of The 5

This can be tough at times. It's especially hard to remember that your goal was to drain the swamp, which is why you're neck-deep in alligators.

But to see a rainbow you gotta endure the storm.

Sometimes those storms are big. (Those are the ones you'll be talking about for years tom come.)

Boats were made to weather the storm.

You were made to weather the storm.

You're in business to help your clients weather their storms.

You're equipped to handle any storm, especially if you have a good support staff. 

How good is your team?

Who has your back?

If you need more help growing your sales, consider the following resources:

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Good Selling,